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Self-defense Tactics and Techniques for Men

Sometimes there comes a situation when men also face problems with strangers or attackers for money or some other things. In such situations they should use some self-defense tactics to prevent attack on them. Men will be generally strong and they just need few techniques to handle this kind of situations.

Men are generally strong. They usually learn some kind of martial arts or karate, so it will be easy for them to tackle any situation. But, they just need to know some techniques to behave or act smart during the situation and to handle them. Follow the tactics and techniques to keep yourself unharmed.

Kicking techniques: There are a few techniques that you need to learn in kicking to attack the stranger. If you are learning martial arts then these kind of self-defense kicks will be demonstrated by them, otherwise read out this. Best kicking spots are below the belt. Target the places like knee, groin to hurt. Use your foot or knee to deliver the stroke in the selected place. This makes them slow down from making attack.

Striking techniques: Striking techniques can be used on the targeted places like eyes, nose, etc. Eyes are sensitive and you can hurt them easily. So, use your palm, fingers and enough power to hit them hard. This gives you enough time to escape from the attacker.

Know locking techniques: There are various types of locking techniques that you can use to make the attacker get hurt. Know them in advance and use them when necessary. Some of the locking techniques are finger lock, basic arm lock, arm lock, nose break, shoulder throw or drop, etc. These will hurt the attacker hardly. This will help you to escape from the person. These locking techniques can be learned easily and they don’t need any extreme efforts and it is one of the good self-defense tactic.

Tackling defense: Tackling is the technique used by the attacker to control you. Unless you are a good fighter you can’t face this. So, better don’t get into this grappling or counter situation. In that situation you should turn his face so that he can’t reach you to have control on you. So, be aware of the coming situation and be prepared.

These are some of the few tactics and techniques you can use to tackle the situation and get self protection against the attacker.

Updated: October 12, 2016 — 6:13 am
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