9 Important Tips for Women’s Self-Defense and Protection

In today’s world self-defense is very important for any women to self-protect them. According to the recent statistics, the majority of crimes are done by men known to the women. The best way for women to fight back crime against them is to prevent it from happening by avoiding to be alone.

Following are the 5 important tips to know pre attack indicators to adopt self-defense:
1. Watch out locations around you before opting for a pre attack plan

  • Increasing your scope of vision will help you recognize suspicious people faster, as well as potential escape routes. Also, makes it possible to use the closely available things as weapons.

2. Locate the nearest exit to escape

  • Try to find an exit leading to the ground level, or somewhere outdoors, instead of stairwell; and if there’s is no path to exit, prepare mentally for a safe escape.

3. Look for things which can be used as efficient weapons

  • Things which are nearby can be turned into weapons such as – a pen or keys – thus having things within your reach can instantly be grabbed and used.
  • Purse can be used as a weapon, by carrying it diagonally across the body, making it act as a shield to redirect an attacker’s attention. It’s also effective because, it frees up legs and enable to kick someone or do something to weaken the target.

5. Stop and pass

  • If you think someone is following you, stop and let that person pass before you. Pretend that you need to go in a different direction or take a phone call. Then look at the individual’s reaction. This might help confirm whether he is a potential threat.

6. To be careful while traveling

  • Women happens to get into crimes either in the best or bad hotels anywhere around the world. The attackers may act as if he is an employee of the hotel and get through the unlocked doors or steal the key of a particular room for committing a crime.
  • In case of home safety, be aware of not opening the door till the time the person is not identified.

7. Pepper spray may not always be used as a weapon

  • Pepper spray is a tool which can be used for self-defense. But it does not work on everyone, making it a limitation of it.
  • Never depend on any self-defense weapon to protect from an attacker. By keeping trust in one’s strength, women can defend themselves from potential attackers.

8. Way to avoid car jacking

  • While driving, ensure to lock all the doors and keep the windows closed. Most of the women lock all the doors and keep the windows closed when driving. The attacker may pull the driver out or get in to the passenger’s seat.

9. Safety in cyberspace is not guaranteed

  • Internet is though used for educational and entertainment purpose, it can also be a threat; hence, being careful by maintaining the privacy while communicating by using a nickname and by keeping the personal information confidential.

The primary target of a woman’s body is her heart. Attackers choose the most sensitive area of their victims to attack. How successful a woman is at defending herself directly depends on her self-strength. However, by following a few techniques and tips mentioned above, women can protect themselves from attackers on many occasions.

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