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All about Mouth Guards

Mouth guard, an appliance made of plastic worn in any athletic activity for protecting teeth from injury and trauma. Usually, mouth guards cover the upper teeth, but in some cases like if you are wearing braces or other dental appliance, your dentist will make a mouth guard for your lower jaw as well.

In this article, we will discuss mouth guards.

Who requires mouth guard?
Mouth guards can be used by anyone – children or adults who play sports such as boxing, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc. Even the people who are participating in recreational activities like mountain biking and skateboarding might pose a higher risk of injury to the mouth. So it is advisable to wear a protective mouth guard.

Types of mouth guards

  • Stock mouth guard: These mouth guards come ready to wear and are inexpensive. They offer less protection as the adjustments are limited. As stock mouth guards are bulky, they may interfere with speech and breathing. Many dentists will not prefer advising the use of this kind of mouth guards.
  • Boil and bite mouth protectors: These can offer a better fit than the stock mouth guard and is made from a thermoplastic material. Before placing it in the mouth, it is kept in hot water to soften.
  • Custom fitted mouth guards: These are the best protectors as they are made by the dentists that offers best fit, protection and comfort level as these are made from a cast to fit your teeth. Due to the use of a special material, extra effort and time involved, this type of mouth guard is costlier than others.

Caring for a mouth guard

  • Wash your mouth guard with warm water (not hot).
  • Remember to soak your mouth guard in mouthwash before storing.
  • Store your mouth guard in a well ventilated box so that it remains dry.
  • As heat can damage your mouth guard, never store it in direct sunlight or in a car.
  • When storing, don’t bend your mouth guard.
  • Never wear others’ mouth guard.
  • If there is any problem, call your dentist who had made the mouth guard.

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Important features and usefulness of a Minivan

A minivan is either a one-box or a two-box vehicle primarily meant to move passengers more in number than normal cars or to accommodate more cargo space. For this, they are taller than most other cars. In technical classification terms they are called as multi-utility vehicles.

Minivans are versatile and best for family – sized transportation. No other vehicle type combines passenger comfort, cargo-toting ability, and fuel economy better. Old varieties of this type include the DKW Schnellaster, Volkswagen type 2 etc. Volkswagen type 2 had a bus like design and the driver seat was placed above the front wheel. The engine was at the rear and the front was flat-nosed. Some of today’s minivans are : Chrysler Town and Country, Volkswagen Routan, Kia Sedona etc.

A Microvan is one that comes under the Japanese ‘kei car’ classification or similar classification. A microvan is a smaller-scale minivan, with many of the same benefits, but with less space and lower operating costs. They are preferred due to their low cost and other benefits like tax and insurance. Some microvans have their engines installed in the front and the others below the driver. Both the types could either have a front-wheel or all-wheel-drive. Examples are, Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty, Mitsubishi Minicab.

A minivan is a low weight, and a fragile vehicle. Driving at high speed is discouraged because they fare very badly at collisions. A sporty minivan improves the performance in terms of driving and control but still retains the space and simplicity of a normal minivan. A Sporty minivan combines the features of a minivan and aspects of driving.

For versatile family transportation in challenging weather conditions, all-wheel drive minivans are the best option. But they are very limited and maintenance is also not economical. Examples are, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town & Country, Ford Aerostar,


  • Space is its main advantage. Could carry more than five people.
  • Suitable for long trips like camping since they consume less fuel.
  • The interiors can be customized to suit passengers or luggage better.


  • Since they are not heavy vehicles, they are unsuitable for bad weather and rough terrain.
  • SUV’s have successfully replaced a minivan in all its features and incapabilities.

Purchase: Ideal for a family of five or more members and for people who are concerned more about movement than performance.
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Importance of Maintaining Your Car

Your vehicle is one of the most valuable assets that you own. It is right to pay attention to its maintenance. A number of problems can or will happen if the vehicle is not properly maintained. Poor maintenance will not only cause your vehicle break down in middle of the road, but also reduces the life span of your car.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining your vehicle.

Regular maintenance of your car will -

Help reduce roadside emergencies: Vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road can be the most frustrating situations with no tools at hand. You can lessen the chances of being pushed into such situations by ensuring that your vehicle is in an excellent condition especially when going for a long trip.

To increase driving safety: Neglecting vehicle maintenance is the foremost reason for accidents happening today. Not only rash driving can cause accidents, but also the faulty brake systems, worn wipers, blades and tires, gas tank leakage can also be the cause for the same. By careful maintenance, you can ensure driving safety better.

Better performance: If you carefully check for various parts of the car, oil and other vital fluids regularly, your car will be performing great. Lack of maintenance will soon start showing the signs of internal wear. See to it that your car is always in good condition. A well maintained car is expected to perform better.

When deciding to sell, a well maintained vehicle will help you sell at a better price: A main advantage behind careful maintenance is that if you decide to sell your car, you will surely be getting better price. Most buyers look for excellent condition and good performance. So, only the well maintained vehicle will fetch you more handsome price when compared to a poorly maintained car.

To help reduce pollution: Noxious emissions from your car can contribute to global pollution. A vehicle that is well maintained can limit the amount of fumes that are dangerous.

Lowers the cost of operations: Simply, a well maintained car need not require too many repairs. Excellent maintenance will not require you to ask your mechanic for changing parts of your car. But just in case, you need to place a good quality so that it lasts longer.

One of the important things to remember with vehicle maintenance is to report any issues with your car including minor noises from your car.
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Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is a common dental problem that can occur to anyone without any warning. It is the worst pain that you will ever experience. Mild to sharp shooting pain can be the first sign of a toothache. If not treated in its early stage, it can even lead to the need of extracting the tooth. However, some minor toothaches can be treated by trying out some home remedies.
In this article, we will discuss a few home remedies that can make pain subside for sometime while you wait to see the dentist.

1) Dab clove oil directly on the tooth
Clove oil is an old remedy for toothache. Thanks to the chemical eugenol that the oil contains. This chemical has anti-bacterial and anesthetic properties. For using it for tooth pain, rub few drops of clove oil on the affected tooth number of times till the toothache goes away. Use a cotton ball for applying clove oil. This oil is available at drug stores or any other health food stores.

2) Pop in a cough drop
Cough drops/lozenges usually contains small amount anesthetic effect (menthol or benzocaine) that can help relieve minor pain. Pop on one or two lozenges, dissolve them slowly in your mouth. Do not chew them right away. You can apply a balm externally (on the cheek) to get relief from pair. Common balms are available at drug stores.

3) Gargling with warm salt water
This is an easy and simple way of reducing pain caused by toothache: rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Mix a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly it. This will kill bacteria that is causing the infection.

4) Use a toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth
When brushing, use a toothpaste that is especially made for sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, the pain might occur because of taking hot or cold food/drinks. Teeth become sensitive when the dentin (second layer of teeth) gets exposed.
When taking hot or cold food/drinks, the pain occurs and it can range from mild to throbbing constant pain. By using a toothpaste that is especially for sensitive teeth, you can to some extent reduce the pain.

5) Tea bags
Tea contains tannic acid. Tannic acid helps reduce swelling and provides temporary relief. A warm and wet tea bag can also be the a home remedy for toothache. See to it that you do not tear it while keeping the tea bag on the tooth that is hurting.
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How to Decorate a Buffet Table for a Wedding at Home?

Decorating a buffet table add so much to your wedding it is a good idea to decorate a buffet table, it will give beautiful presentation. The buffets cape is the presentation of food which attracts the people in an event and it should tie with the theme of your event. There are many ways to present the buffet table for this; you need some basics that you will use in buffet table creation.

The basic tips are as follows, use different heights to create visual interest among the guests, layer the items for adding interest because it encourages the eye to roam, use the accenting colors and textures in fabrics and d├ęcor items, and use the odd number when grouping the items together so that will please the eye. These are the tips to use while preparing the buffet table, if you will apply them while preparing then this will definitely give an interesting and memorable buffet.

The plates are the main ingredients on the buffet table, stack them the way like but if you use the dinner plate rack, it will give more visual appeal than just a stack of plates. It is better if you arrange them according to the food for example the small plates can be arranged around the table near its food.

If the event is in the evening, the candles are pretty and add ambiance to the buffet, but better if you use tea lights, twinkle lights, pillar candles so that your guests will be safe when they using your buffet. It is better to use LED candles because they are beautiful and give you ambient lighting of the candle and there will be no open flame.

Sometimes it is better if you use some silk plants and greenery on your buffet table because some plants and flowers are toxic to humans. You can also prepare it with strawberry trees, pineapple palm trees, cheese balls, shrimp trees or the water falls these are the some of the ideas to set the buffet table.
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All You Need to Know about Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth is a common dental problem affecting a large number of people. Sensitive teeth can be described as pain or discomfort felt when taking hot or cold food/drinks. There are many factors that contribute to tooth/teeth sensitivity. In this article, we will discuss the causes, treatment and prevention of sensitive teeth.

The enamel is the outer layer of teeth. It is the hardest and protective layer of the teeth. When this layer becomes thin especially under gumline, the dentin gets exposed. Dentin has small channels that links the nerve of the tooth. So when the dentin is exposed, the nerves associated with the teeth get easily stimulated causing pain and discomfort.

Causes of tooth sensitivity

  • Vigorous brushing: Brushing too hard especially with hard bristled toothbrush can damage your tooth/teeth enamel (shiny and protective layer of the teeth) and exposes dentin (next layer of teeth). Brushing too hard can also cause receding gums (gums pull away from the teeth).
  • Acidic foods/drinks: Acidic foods/drinks can lead to erosion of tooth enamel making the next layer of teeth dentin exposed.
  • Teeth grinding: Grinding teeth can also cause tooth enamel to erode.
  • Fractured/cracked teeth: If any of your tooth is chipped, cracked or fractured, bacteria can easily set in that causes inflammation and tenderness of gums, eventually leading to sensitivity of teeth.
  • Receding gums: Receding gums is the condition where teeth gets pulled away from gums which is often caused by gum disease. This exposes dentine and causes tooth sensitivity.
  • Teeth whitening products: Some toothpastes contain teeth whitening chemicals and many people are sensitive to them that can be the major factor for making teeth sensitive.
  • If recently undergone any dental treatment: Your may feel sensitivity may also felt when you have recently undergone a dental treatment like scaling, root canal treatment etc. But this is temporary and will disappear with 2-3 days.

Prevention of tooth sensitivity

  • Maintaining good oral hygiene: This involves regular brushing and flossing. It is advised to brush twice a day or even after every meal is a good practice of oral hygiene. Floss at least once daily. If you follow this regularly, there is less chances of plaque build up, thus preventing teeth sensitivity.
  • Using toothbrush that has soft bristles: Use a soft bristled toothbrush preferably that is suitable for sensitive teeth.
  • Avoid crunching and grinding teeth: Crunching can actually fracture or crack your tooth/teeth that becomes prone to sensitivity.
  • Many people have teeth grinding habit which can damage the teeth enamel. Ask your dentist about the mouth guard that help prevent teeth grinding.
  • Diet: Avoid consuming acidic food/drinks that will dissolve the tooth enamel.
  • Visiting the dentist regularly: Visit the dentist every six months and get your teeth professionally cleaned. Your dentist will give you tips on how to maintain or practice good oral hygiene.

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Common Causes that Make You Being Pulled Over by Cops

You can get pulled over by cops easily than you think. There are some common ways that you will get pulled by the cops and this article discusses the same.

Below is the list of things you should watch out for to avoid unnecessary hassles.

1) Speeding
Do not speed while driving. If ignoring this warning, you are likely to get a speeding ticket by traffic police. Speed is a traffic violation and an initial reason to get your car for being stopped by the cops. Usually cops look for drivers who are going much faster than others on road. The faster you drive the more chances of you getting caught by the cops. Under government law, speeding your car is equivalent to breaking the rules and regulations and is one of the reasons for getting pulled over by the cops.

2) Distracted driving
Distracted driving is usually because of talking or texting on mobile phone. Majority of people caught by cops is because of the distracted driving. We think that we can handle driving while talking or texting on mobile phone, but the truth is that we will get distracted and there is a danger of car accidents.

3) Hazardous driving
Hazardous driving includes illegal U turns, improper changing of lanes, failing to stop at signals etc. These are the most common violations that have been found and are the major offenses/crimes that one should avoid.

4) Changing lanes improperly
Changing lanes improperly is also a serious violation as it is like cutting someone off and moving without looking. Changing lanes without giving signals can add to the reasons for getting pulled over by cops.

A little awareness can help you avoid getting into trouble. So, remember not to break the law by traffic violations.
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Cold Weather Fuel Economy Tips

If you are living in ice and snow region, winter weather is extreme. In the cold weather, gas mileage of the vehicles also goes down. According to a study done at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the conventional gas engines at twenty degrees temperature will get twelve percent lesser gas mileage than it is at 77 degrees. In this article, we will see the how to improve your car gas mileage.

  • Sensible driving: Aggressive driving like braking, rapid acceleration and speeding will waste your fuel in both normal weather and ice or snow weather. It can lower your gas mileage five percent around city and one third at highway roads. Driving sensibly is safer. It will save you and others more than gas money.
  • Speed limits: Every vehicle will have some speed ranges which provide optimal fuel economy. Usually for most of the vehicles, gas mileage will decrease if the speed is more than 50 mph.
  • Tire pressure: Tire pressure frequently because the cold weather decreases tire pressure. It is one of the important factors causing better mileage and vehicle control. Keep the recommended range of tire pressure and check it periodically usually monthly. If you don’t have an air compressor go to the gas station and check while you go for gas. About five minutes of your time will help you to save more than five dollars per month.
  • If you have a garage park your car in the garage. It will keep your car engine warmer than that you park outside.
  • Don’t warm up your car engine while the car is idle. Gently drive for a few seconds. If you are driving the car will give faster warm up than idle.
  • If you have short trips to do, combine them all. It makes you drive less with the cold engine.
  • Don’t use the defrosters and seat warmers more than require. This is because they also use the gas and your mileage will decrease.
  • Remove the unnecessary items that you keep in your vehicle especially heavy weighted items. Your mileage will decrease by two percent for an extra of hundred pounds weight. The weight will effect more on smaller vehicles than the larger ones.
  • Idling your vehicle engine will consume quarter to a half gallon of the gas per hour. It is vary depending on the engine size and other things you are using in your vehicle.

When the engine oil and other fluids are cold due to the cold weather, they will increase friction in the engine. It will effect the mileage partly. The engine will take longer time to get the fuel efficient temperature. In gasoline engine it effects on gasoline and in case of hybrid vehicles it effects the battery performance.
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Tips for Maintaining Car’s Air Condition

Even if your car’s air conditioning is working properly, you need to maintain it regularly in order to avoid trouble in the middle of the journey during hot summer with nothing but hot air blowing from your air conditioner’s vents. Therefore, it is important for you to service and maintain your car’s air conditioner regularly.
Here are some simple ways that help you maintain your car’s air conditioning.

1) Run the air conditioner regularly
Even if the weather is cold, it is advised to run your air conditioner for about 10 minutes at least once a week. Running your air conditioner regularly will help keep the system lubricated. In addition, all parts of the system run smoothly. Further, it will maintain gas pressure to keep the compressor in good working condition.

Apart from cooling your vehicle, air conditioner’s function is to remove humidity from the cabin. It is also helpful in removing fog from the windshield, which improves visibility.

2) Check the coolant levels
Check for the coolant levels. One of the major causes of air conditioner problems is lack of refrigerant. It is better to inspect regularly the coolant levels before any problem occurs. Whenever you are taking your car to the mechanic for an oil change or for any other routine maintenance, have all the fluids including coolant levels checked. This is an ideal way to head off problems before they occur.

3) Spot the warning signs
When there is a problem in your car’s air conditioner, look for any warning signs. If the air conditioner compressor is on and the air that is blown through is is not cold, it is an indication that the coolant level is low.

Problems with the air conditioner can also be caused by lack of air flow. For this, it is better to make sure that the cooling motor is running properly.

4) Getting your car air conditioner serviced regularly: Get your car’s a/c serviced regularly especially before the hottest months begin.

The drive belts of the compressor get easily damaged and therefore it is advisable to check and maintain your car’s air conditioner regularly.

The air conditioner is a vital part of your car. You might need it seasonally, but it is important to maintain it to ensure optimal functionality and when you need.
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Tips to Save Money on Your Vehicle’s Tire Maintenance

Your car tires are the only thing that separate the passengers and the pavement. The braking systems are the most sophisticated, the car can won’t work when tires are not properly gripping the road. Maintenance and replacement of your vehicle tires is essential for safety. Many of us don’t know how to determine whether the tires need replacement, or need new and when it is needed. The following points will be helpful to understand better for your requirements.

  • Determine whether it is really time for replacement: You need to do some simple check on your tires to determine whether the new tires are required. Place a penny into the groove edges of each tire. With upside down of penny insert into tread. At the top Lincoln’s head of the penny was covered by the tier tread means that you have safe and acceptable amount of tread. Around the perimeter of your car tire at various points do this test. If at any point Lincoln’s head is visible, you need to buy a new tire. Make sure your tire edges don’t have show excessive wear and those are properly inflated. For more information about the tier inflation for your car check your owners manual. Maintaining proper pressure will help you in many ways: fuel saving, good control while driving, etc.
  • Shop online and warehouse store: There are some online tire retailers. For affordable tires, these are the good sources. The prices are extremely competitive, to find a deal is easier and there are a huge in number to select. Some warehouse stores need membership and they offer affordable tires at a good price. If you have membership, check their website or shop in the store for a bigger selection.
  • Is nitrogen worth?: Many tire retailers and the car dealers will tell you about nitrogen tires as they keep the pressure longer period than the normal air tires. That may be true. But many tests show that there is no much difference between these two. As well, the nitrogen is little costly. There is no harm with filling of nitrogen. If the nitrogen is freely available for your you can change.
  • Take the advantage of rebates: All the time tire manufacturers will put out rebates on the tires. Check for the latest offers. You can compare your required things in different websites available in the Internet. Check them thoroughly and get it.

You should use four winter tires if you are living in a snowy weather for safety and better traction. The compounds of the winter tires will wear faster than the conventional tires. To maximize the usefulness and wear of your snow tires, put them when the snow is likely and take them off promptly spring in your area.
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