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4 Qualities to Look for in a Professional Security Guard

security company IndianapolisIf you are looking for security services you need to make sure the security guards have certain qualities that make them well suited to the job and they have the ability to keep your premises safe and orderly. This is because the job of a security guard is not one that can be performed by everybody.

A security guard provides a wide range of support for the employer and his property, and plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment. The security guard must have good presence of mind and should be able to work under any circumstances.

Listed here are four qualities that you need to check for while hiring a professional security guard:

1. Skills, experience, training to judge the competence to do the task
The first quality to look for in a security guard is, does he possess the necessary skills, experience, training and the competence. The skills that a security guard should have are maturity and responsible attitude to work, to observe and report, attention to detail, good judgment and decision making skills, ability to work with technical equipment such as security computer systems, video and surveillance equipment, etc.

Apart from skills, the security guard should have the relevant work experience in military, police, or security services, and should be qualified and should have been trained to meet your requirements. The security guard should have completed a training course according to state laws, and should have the required certification and license to perform the job. Checking these all will help you judge the competence of the person for the job.

Good physical and mental condition
As the job of a security guard involves patrolling a site, which requires making rounds on a regular basis or standing at a particular place, they should be in a good physical condition. At times, there might be intrusion by unauthorized people into the business premises, which may be harmful to the employer’s interest. When such a situation arises, the security guard must be physically capable of handling the situation. It is important that the security guard is mentally strong to handle any situation that may arise while on duty.

Must know how to communicate
Security guards should be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. In many situations, they will have to use verbal skills – they may have to use a two-way radio device to communicate with other guards, answer phone calls, interview witnesses/victims or direct trespassers to leave the site.
Whereas written skills are important to make a note of the security guards observations clearly. They may also need to write reports, which they should be able to execute and should be able to communicate instructions in a clear, concise and appropriate manner.

Must be trustworthy
Being trustworthy is one of the important qualities a security guard should possess. A good security guard will not only be limited to watching out for trouble, but he will go beyond what is necessary to protect the employer and keep tight guard on things. He will be honest and will make sure that he carries out his job seriously.

A professional security guard should have all the aforementioned qualities. The job of a security guard is both challenging and rewarding, and at the same time it requires an outstanding performance to prevent and deter crime.

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Tips to Protect Your Home from Invasion

Home invasion:
security companies in IndianaHome Invasion is the word used in USA people. The actual meaning of this term or the home invasion means illegal and forceful entry in to the house or flat with an bad intention to robe, murder or kidnap. Several states in US are having the home invasion laws.

To protect yourself and your family from home invasion follow some tips that will be helpful.

Tips to get rid of home invasion:
1. Choose correct location for your house:
At first choose the location of your house that may be rental or own carefully. The area or place is important here because the area which you are going to live may be safe or not. Take the complete information about the area or place in which you are going to live. Go through it and see whether it is the safe place for your family or not.

2. Check your neighborhood carefully:
Once you have chosen the place then go with checking out your neighbors. It is necessary because the neighbors may be good to you or may not be. Know there behavior by taking to them at starting itself.

3. Know its the time to protect your home from Invasion:
After you are in to the house, which you have chosen then try to keep your family in a secured environment as much as you can. Lock all the doors when you are alone, notice surroundings all the time, don’t give the house key to your neighbors unless you have full trust on them, Keep the keys in secured place, have a plan before you face the home invasion.

4. Once you trust your neighbors join in neighborhood watch programs:
Once you have full trust in neighbors ask them for joining in neighborhood watch programs and go close to them. So, that you can avoid crimes that may happen to your family or to your neighbors.

5. If home invasion takes place you must avoid it by following some tips:

  • Have some security cameras in your home
  • Get a dog that will make the attacker to keep away from your house
  • Use self-defense techniques if possible
  • Get some weapons into your home after knowing the rules of law so that may not create problem for you.

6. Security personal/guard will be helpful in alarming situations:
Having a security guard will help you in many ways. Protects your home, he will be aware of the surroundings and intimates to the owner if there is any problem. Having the strong security person will fight against the attacker and keeps you are your family safe all the time.
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What are the Benefits of Learning German Language?

Are you planning to learn German language? If yes, then you have made the right decision.

German teacherWhen it comes to learning a new language, you will get multiple benefits. Thus, some learn for business reasons, some to increase knowledge about the culture and lifestyle of Germany, and some learn so that it will help them while traveling to Germany. Whatever might the reason be, learning a new language like German will help you in many aspects in life. Here are some of the ways you will benefit when you learn German.

Creates business opportunities
Germany is ranked third in the world as an industrialized nation. Knowing German will improve your relation and communication with German business partners and therefore your chances for success. It strengthens your business opportunities and gives you a competitive edge.

For better career opportunities
Many firms, companies and organizations are looking for bilingual employees and pay high salaries to them. Knowing German is an added advantage for your career. Learning German makes you a valuable asset to your firm as you will be able to speak to their clients. It will make you more competitive in the employment market.

To make your travel more pleasurable
While traveling to German or any other European countries where German is widely spoken, knowing German will make your travel experience more meaningful and memorable. You will be able to hold a conversation with people living there and know more about their customs, traditions and history. It will also be easy for you to communicate with the hotel personnel, store employees, street vendors and if you are asking somebody’s help for directions.

For cultural understanding
Learning German will not only give you an understanding of the foreign country, but also about their culture. German culture has its own history, literature, tradition and many more interesting aspects that will open a whole new world to you. You will be able to connect through books, TV, and converse with people, which will broaden your horizons, interests and views.

Opportunities to study
There are a number of scholarships that Germany awards and also supports in many other ways to study in Germany. Knowing German will help you in applying for student grants and you will also experience of having studied at a university abroad, and know their standards of teaching. Learning German will not only give you access to the study material, but you will also be able to communicate with your fellow students.

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Prevention of Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are infection of the gingival tissue and bone that supports the teeth. Gum diseases are due to the build up of plaque. If plaque is not removed by daily brushing and flossing, it leads to the inflammation of gums and finally leads to the separation of gums from teeth and pockets gets developed between the gums and teeth. There are preventive measures to prevent gum diseases. These include:

Maintaining oral hygiene

  • Brushing twice daily with soft bristle brush improves oral hygiene
  • Be sure to brush along the gum line
  • Flossing regularly to remove plaque between the teeth
  • Use tooth paste containing fluorides helps to removes microbes from mouth
  • Change your brush once in 3 months

Avoid smoking and tobacco products
Smoking and using tobacco products increases the risk of periodontal diseases. The more frequently you smoke or chew tobacco, the more will be the risk of gum diseases. Candidates with smoking or chewing tobacco tends to have more tartar growth on teeth & damages gum tissue. This leads to gum problems. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco to prevent your gums from infections.

Rinsing with anti microbial mouth washes
Choose anti microbial mouth wash with no alcohol content. Alcohol makes your mouth to dry which leads to tooth decay. Rinse your mouth with anti microbial mouth wash once after brushing in the morning and bed time. This helps you to remove any microbial growth in mouth and prevents you from gum diseases.

Chew sugar free gums
Chewing sugar free gums increases saliva secretions in mouth. This washes out the microbes in the mouth and prevents gum problems.

Eat nutritious food
Taking nutritious food improves the immune system and helps to fight against infections. Avoid starch and sugary foods which may stick to the teeth and leads to the formation of plaque. Intake of foods containing rich vitamin-c helps you to prevent gum bleeding

Avoid some medicines
Some medications have side effect of xerostomia (dryness of mouth) and bacterial growth in the mouth which leads to the formation of plaque. Avoid anti depressant drugs, anti epilepsy drugs and some drugs that is used to control blood pressure, as it may aggravate gum diseases.

Some diseases like heart attacks, respiratory problems and diabetes increases the risk of gum problems. Ask your dentist to know how to maintain healthy gums to prevent the risk of gum problems.

Regular dental checkups
Regular dental checkups helps you to diagnose the signs of gum problems in early stages and can prevent gum diseases.

Selecting a Venue for Your Event

Selecting a venue for an event is very important to make the event successful. It is a part of event planning. Points to remember while selecting venue for an event are:

  • Venue size
  • Audience convenience
  • Venue history
  • Venue Facilities
  • Venue cost
  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Inspection of venue

Venue size
The size of the venue should be selected based on the number of audience you are expecting to attend the event. The venue size should be appropriate to the audience size. It should not be too small or too large. Too small makes the audience feel discomfort and too large increases event budget. This will be helpful in preparing food quantity. The size of the venue should also be selected based on the status of the target audience.

Audience convenience
While selecting a venue for the event, audience convenience should be kept in mind. The location of the venue should be convenient to the audience and guests. The location should be nearer to the most of the targeted audience location. The venue should be clean and hygiene. Venue should have proper ventilation and lighting. Venue should not have any noise and disturbances.

Venue history
Before selecting a venue, it is important to collect the history of the venue whether any events have been organized in the past. Check whether the venue and the staff are friendly or not. Are there any remarks on the venue’s site in the past.

Venue facilities
Before hiring a venue for an event, facilities should be checked to prevent the discomfort to audience and guests. Venue facilities include:
Parking: Select the venue having its own parking facility and it should be large enough for parking vehicles.
Security: Security of audience and guests is an important factor. Select venue having fire extinguishers, fire alarms, security personal, security cameras and first aid kits. Venue having separate exit and entry gate ways should be selected.
Power supply: Venue with power supply, generators and power back up facilities are very important to avoid interruption to the event.

Venue cost
The cost of the venue should be reasonable. Before selecting the venue, ask what is the cost f the venue, whether they charge extra for parking, what is the cost of food per plate, what is the payment mode (card, cash or cheque).

Audio and visual equipment
Check for the availability of internet access and microphones, LCD projectors and speakers.

Inspection of venue
Venue should be inspected whether it is suitable for organizing an event or not. Event manager should inspect the venue for services provided by the venue.
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Tips to Increase Fuel Mileage of a Car

Worried about your car’s fuel mileage? We are here to help you out with few tips that really helps in increasing the fuel mileage of your car. Apart from this you must also do regular maintenance of your car to keep it running smoothly.

Check the tier pressure
At first you need to check the tier pressure of your car and see to it that it is properly inflated because proper inflation reduces the fuel consumption of your car. So, you need to check for the tier pressure at least once in a week.

Use synthetic fuels
Now-a-days people are using eco-friendly and green fuels that are really fuel efficient which improves the fuel mileage of the car. You must also check for the quality of the oil that you are purchasing for the car because no two fuels will be same. So, it is recommended to use this alternative man-made and quality fuels for best results.

Keep less load
Studies say that using more weight in cars will increase fuel consumption. So, better lighten the load of the car by removing all the unnecessary or un-used things from car which automatically decreases the load and improves the fuel efficiency.

Replace old parts that decreases fuel efficiency
Replacing the parts like spark plug, air filter, missing spoiler, etc., that effects the fuel mileage will bring an advantage to your car. Change the parts carefully by following the user manual of your car or else take the help of the mechanic. Replacement mostly brings down your cars fuel economy.

Don’t warmup
It is advisable to stop the car when you are in traffic for more than 30 seconds. This saves lots of fuel and also doesn’t make the engine hot or warm. This tips is more useful for the people living in cities with lots of traffic and at the signal points.

Change driving style
Accelerating smoothly with average or moderate throttle along with avoiding excessive idling brings down the fuel consumption. Smooth acceleration helps in preventing most of the accidents.

Finally, after following all this steps check the difference between the past and the present fuel economy of your car and you will find dramatic changes in the fuel mileage.
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Brain Wave Machine and Its Uses

Brain wave machine
A brain wave machine is an electrical machine used for calculating the amount of electrical activity in the brain when millions of neurons communicate with each other and send signals simultaneously. The electrical activity caused in the brain is called brain wave pattern and the waves created are brain waves. A brain wave machine uses light and/or sound for altering the brain wave activity. This activity is of five groups, which are as follows.

Types of brain waves
Brainwave activity is divided into five groups, beta, alpha, theta and delta and gamma. These categories are associated with the frequency of brainwave and some parts of brainwave activities are related with mental state.

1. Gamma waves (27 Hz and above)
These waves are associated with formation of new and creative ideas, when language and memory processing occurs and during learning. This waves are not seen when you are in deep sleep and are induced with anesthesia. But returns back when you are back to wakeful state.

2. Beta waves (12-27 oscillations (or waves) per second (Hz))
Beta waves are usually seen when a person is awake – mostly during the day time or in the waking hours of early morning. Many people will not have this beta activity, which leads to problems like mental disorders like depression, low SMR production, etc. But if beta activity is generated, it will boost the emotional stability, energy levels, concentration, etc.

3. Alpha waves (8-12 Hz)
Alpha waves are produced when you are in a relaxed state – when your brain starts moving from beta activity to gentle waves of alpha. When you get up in the morning and before you sleep these waves are produced. It’s called alpha activity. Alpha activity is seen more in experienced meditators. This activity has the ability to recall all your memories, avoiding stress and anxiety, fresh energy begins, etc. This is the way that leads to a deeper state of consciousness.

4. Theta waves (3-8 Hz)
Theta state is found when a person is in light sleep or when he/she is in highly relaxed position like meditation. This is also acceptable mental state and this state is useful for hypnotherapy and also for self-hypnosis which are calculated using suggestions and recorded affirmations. This theta state gives yous sensation of floating, recalls long forgotten memories, flashes imagery dreams, etc.

5. Delta waves (0.2-3 Hz)
Delta waves occur when the person is in deep sleep without any dreams. You will completely in unconscious position when you have strong delta waves. In this situation, your body will be in healing position. These waves are also found in experienced meditators. Delta waves are slowest band of brain waves or brain wave activity.

Benefits of using brain-wave machine
This electronic brain wave machines can identify all these states. The brain-wave machine captures all the data from the brain for doing analysis. For this, the brain-wave machine uses electroencephalography (EEG), which is helpful in recording the different types of electrical activities as stated earlier and also the scalp, which is produced with the fire of neurons in the brain. This machine records the essential part of the data with the help of multiple electrodes placed on the scalp. After completion of the process the result is shown on the monitor. EEG can also be used to diagnose disorders in the brain such as brain diseases, brain trauma, brain death and sleeping disorders.

With the help of this machine, it is easy for identifying criminals, and with this machine a person can be the best mediator as he/she will have the ability to recognize different brain activities. Apart from this, the brain-wave machine helps people sleep, wake-up, meditate, etc. for which, the machine is programmed. This is how the brain wave machine useful in life threatening disease condition.
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Uses of Having Sunroom in Your House

Sunroom is an outdoor room constructed with glass walls to get sunlight inside the room. Having this room in your house will give you a lot of benefits that are stated below. It is an additional part of your house which gives complete different look. Many people say that sunroom is their favorite room in their house as it gives them relaxation. It increase the overall value of your home by making it affordable. Some of the advantages of having sunroom are:

Fresh air and sunlight
As sunrooms are made of glass, people will get fresh air and sunlight which makes them feel relaxed and stress free. People can stay relaxed and get the cool air and sun by sitting in the sunroom.

Use it for indoor gardening
In your sunroom you can do indoor gardening with small and container miniatures. This will protect the miniatures from direct sunlight and make them grow well in miniature pots. It makes the room to enjoy with the beauty of the garden that is comfortable to rain, sun, wind, etc.

Saves electricity
Sunroom saves electricity and energy consumption as it absorbs the sunlight form the sun and fresh air. So that there won’t come the use of lights and fans in the sunroom. Modern sunrooms come with special type of ventilation and insulation system which makes energy efficient all the year long and increases the overall value.

Good entertainment
Sunrooms are for outdoor living and people use it as the family room for meeting spot, entertainment room, play room for kids, room for placing arts and crafts, etc. So, this room is more for entertainment for many people. The possibility of using this room is endless.

Increases value
Houses with sunroom as an extension are more likely to sell, as the potential buyers are attracted to the houses with sunrooms. This also increases the resale value of the house because of the benefits it provides to the buyer.

Investing on sunroom is always advantageous. So invest on the sunroom and get benefited.
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Child Safety In Cars

While driving cars many of us fail to realize the importance of child safety. Cars runs on a road and frequent bumps or jerks are normal. Though we may not have any affect of those jerks but infants and small kids are vulnerable to them. There are ample chances that they end up colliding with some structures in the car. As it is the seat belts can only restrain an adult but they can not provide enough safety to kids. So it is as necessary to have your kids restrained as yourself. Moreover, Federal law makes it mandatory to get child restrained till the age of 14 yrs. Violation of this law is treated as a standard crime and is a punishable offense.

Points of concern
Child safety is a point of concern and even the government recognize its importance. Different states have made it a law that child should be restrained in a seat. There are certain things that has to be kept in mind while traveling with your kid. Though they might look simple but they can play a vital role in saving your kids life in case of mishaps.

  • A best location in the car must be chosen for your kid. They must not be seated in the front and the sides close to doors and windows. They must be placed at rear seats in the center of the seat.
  • Air bags is considered a safety feature in the car but it can be dangerous for your kid. It can lead to severe head injury in kids. Hence kids should not be seated anywhere active airbags. Ir includes the front and the sides of the vehicle.
  • A seat for your child should be chosen because the seat belt on normal seats of the car is not capable enough to restrain your child properly. Hence you should shop for a good seat for your child. Child seats come in different varieties depending upon the age, weight and height. Age should be a less considered factor and more importance should be given to height and weight of the kid. The seats should be safety complaint and must be installed properly with proper signature.
  • Child should be discouraged from playing in the car as this will make him more vulnerable to injuries. This can also distract the driver on the wheel.
  • Children out of excitement tend to extend their body parts out of the window. This can be serious and children should be counseled and discouraged to perform such feats.
  • Child should never be left in the car unattended. Situations may take a drastic turn inadvertently causing harm to the child

Child being new to the world has negligible idea of road safety and its implications, but adults particularly parents know them. So the parents must take the matter in serious consideration and ensure proper safety measures for their children in car. A child restrained in a baby seat designed for them is far well protected than he is in their parents lap. Ignoring these measures can have serious implications.
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How to Safely Buy a Car Online

Though there is fast growth in online purchase, one must be very careful because there are several online frauds taking place now-a-days. If you are planning to buy a car online you must do it safely. Below are some steps that will help you in buying a car online in a safe and better way.

Step-1: If you are new to online purchase then you must be very careful in starting. Learn how to do online purchasing with the help of people who are good at this. Ask them for the good sites that will sell things online especially the car selling sites.

Step-2: Refer more number of sites that will really sell genuine cars and among them see which sites are having good customer reviews and more ratings. Do it with thorough research and guidance. Few tips that will help to choose the secured sites are, those sites that starts with “https” in the URL, if your browser is a latest version then the address bar or the site owners name will turn in to green color, there should a padlock symbol in the window frame of the browser when you are attempting to log in or register. This all indicates the credibility of the site.

Step-3: Once you have selected the genuine number of sites that sells cars online, check the site for the cars that they are selling in their site and do it for all the other sites you have selected.

Step-4: Among the sites check for the brand you are looking for. If it is available see the specifications, cost, features, etc. The branded car that you have chosen will have same features and specifications in all the sites and only the cost varies slightly. So, see to it that they are same in all the sites with slight price variations. This will show you the site is really authenticated or not. If the site is having too much variations then, better don’t trust it. It is better to check market directly or in the official site of the branded car that you have chosen for all the features before going for the online purchase because this will show you the genuine information.

Step-5: Once you are done with it ask the car dealer for price quotation, it is better to contact them directly, it helps in knowing the credibility of the person selling the car. See if the sites of the dealer asks for advance payments, if so don’t pay them and better don’t trust those kind of sites.

Step-6: Next ask them for the warranties that they offer and choose the best one even though it is bit costly than the other warranties offered by other sites. Better don’t go with the cheaper ones as they may not be credible. You must also check whether the car really exists that you have seen in the site because some people may cheat you.

Step-7: Once you trust the credibility of the site and the dealer. Purchase the car through safe payment. If it is online payment then you must be very careful as it is a huge amount. You must also tell the car dealer you will make the small payment at first and once you get the car with all the documents, manuals and tool kits what ever the car dealer promised then you will make the full payment.

These steps will help you in purchasing a car online. The main advantage of purchasing a car online is, it saves both your time and money.
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Maintaining Your Website With a Proper Plan

Do you own a website? If so, you need to it properly. A proper website maintenance plan is necessary to have a good impact on your customers or visitors. A good website will have many benefits both for the owner of the website and the customer. If you don’t have an idea on how to properly plan and maintain your website, try the below steps. They will help in the job.

Website maintenance and website monitoring involve a process of interacting with your website by verifying and testing the elements of a website such as website performance, up time and functionality. In order to monitor or maintain your site properly you must consider the following steps.

1. Check the web hosting service regularly
If you are under a web hosting provider, check the services they provide you from time to time. The services may include the uptime, performance and the functionality, etc. If you have issues with respect to any of these services, ask your service provider to rectify them as early as possible. This is must for every website. Without proper hosting, it’s wasteful even though if your site has valuable information.

2. Update your site and make modifications if necessary
Update is must for a site to get identification on visitors and the search engines. If there are no updates, your website can’t get a good number of visitors and your website can’t reach top in search engines.
If any modification is to be done, do it yourself or take the help of the service provider. So, that it may help you to move further.

3. Promote your website
Promotion plays a major role in maintaining your website. Through proper promotion using social networking and other ways, your site will get a good number of visitors.

4. Review your website performance using tools
If you want to check your website’s performance, you can choose from the tools are available. This will give you the details of your site, such as errors and warnings that are to be removed in your site and parts that are good, etc. If you review your website through these tools, you will have an idea about your site and you can do modifications, which will further improve the site performance.

5. Check for the renewals of your site domain names and web hosting services:
If you are done with all the aforesaid things, you must check for the domain name and hosting service renewals, which are very important. If you forget those things your website won’t be in your hands. You can’t get the updates, reviews from web hosting company as well as the domain name provider will sell the name to some other customer. So, better check for the expiry dates earlier and renew them.
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Tips to Learn a New or Second Language

Learning a new second language is a good idea. Learning habits differ for all, but there are some common tips that every one can follow when learning a language.

Get motivated
To get motivated there are two different ways. One is internal motivation and other is external motivation. Internal motivation comes out with eagerness to learn a language because you have intention to learn and enjoy it as you are good at it. It makes things easy.

External motivation comes when you are praised or rewarded. Many language learning institutions is premised on external motivation. People need rewards to get work done. This is how people learn a language through external motivation.

Enjoy learning
Don’t think learning as stress or boring. Learn it through enjoyment. Every work that is done with efficiency involves enjoyment. External motivation is powerful because it drives people to learn continuously. This encourages students to move forward towards their goals.

Learn from positive perspective
Try to look at the positive end of learning something that may be a language or anything. If you look at the negative end you will not feel to learn it as effectively you think. So, be in a positive perspective always. Positive thinking leads to do positive things.

Make it easy for you
Try to make learning as much as easy you can. Take the help of your tutor, use dictionary to know the meaning of the words, use audio recordings to learn accent and talk to native speakers.

Convince your brain
Make your brain motivated to learn new things. Convince your brain with positive perspective. If your brain is convinced, you will be convinced. Motivation and convincing nature should be there for any work to be done.

Don’t ever give-up
Giving up is a nature of the person who is incapable. But you are not that kind right? Then, don’t ever think of it in your entire life because it shows your incapability and laziness. Nothing is impossible until you try and try and try.

These are the few tips that will help you in learning a language. This may also help you in learning some other things. So, follow this for the best result. Nothing is impossible in the world if you try.
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How to Change Engine Oil of Your Car?

Changing your car’s engine oil is a little tricky, but it’s an important step you need to take make sure your car engine functions optimally. However, if you don’t know how to change your engine oil of your car, this articles is the one you should read. Changing the engine oil of a car is simple. You just need to follow a few step to make your car ready with a new engine oil.

Drain the oil of your car
To drain the oil you must first lift the car using a jack after you park your car in a flat even surface. Else if you want to incline the car, you must place the blocks on the back tiers of your car. Now to heat up, keep your engine on to make the oil warm. This requires two-three minute’s of idling.

With this, the oil gets churned and heats up. Remove the oil cap which is on top of the engine with this the draining process of the oil becomes easy as the air flows inside which makes crank case empty. Through this place you will add the new oil after draining the old oil.

Another method to drain the oil is to remove the oil plug of the metal pan located near to the engine. Removing the oil plug releases the oil and after the oil released you must keep back the plug back.

Now replace the oil filter
See the filter that can be on any place of the engine. If you can’t find it see the one which you have purchased to have an idea how it looks exactly. Now, un-screw the oil filter, prepare a new filter which you have purchased and carefully screw it in the place of old one.

Add new oil
Now, at the fill hole add the new oil and the amount of oil will be given in car manual usually in “capacities” section. Then, put the fill cap back and start the engine and fix the oil change light. To reset, the oil change light you must go through the steps given in the car manual.

Used oil disposal:
The old oil should be emptied into a sealed container and see that the oil is drained completely, and if you want you can sell it to some car retailers otherwise recycle it and use it further.

This is how to change your cars engine oil. You can do it yourself as it is an easy process. Oil change needs just a few minutes and does not need skills to handle.
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