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Air Pollution and its Effects

At the moment all countries in the world are facing the air pollution problem. Because of the pollution and artificial substances that effect the human health. Most artificial impurities are injected into the atmosphere at or near the Earth’s surface. The lower atmosphere (troposphere) cleanses itself of some of these pollutants in a few hours or days as the larger particles settle to the surface and soluble gases and particles encounter precipitation or are removed through contact with surface objects. Unfortunately, removal of some pollutants (for example, sulfates and nitrates) by precipitation and dry deposition results in acid deposition, which may cause serious environmental damage.

Effects of Air pollution: generally its effects the respiratory system and health effects can be studied through three approaches, clinical, epidemiological, and toxicological. Clinical studies use human subjects in controlled laboratory conditions, epidemiological studies assess human subjects in real-world conditions, and toxicological studies are conducted on animals or simple cellular systems. Vegetarians are affected by pollution indirectly like Sulfur dioxide may damage field crops such as alfalfa and trees such as pines, especially during the growing season. Both hydrogen fluoride (HF) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in high concentrations have been shown to be harmful to citrus trees and ornamental plants. And also affect the dynamics of the atmosphere through changes in long wave and shortwave radiation processes. Carbon dioxide, methane, fluorocarbons, nitrous oxides, ozone, and water vapor are important greenhouse gases. These represent a class of gases that selectively absorb long-wave radiation. Because most people spend most of their time indoors and there has been increased interest in air-pollution concentrations in homes, workplaces, and shopping areas.

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