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How to Decorate a Buffet Table for a Wedding at Home?

Decorating a buffet table add so much to your wedding it is a good idea to decorate a buffet table, it will give beautiful presentation. The buffets cape is the presentation of food which attracts the people in an event and it should tie with the theme of your event. There are many ways to […]

Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding Favors

To reduce expenses on wedding, many brides decide to forgo the wedding favors because they think these are just the small details. Skipping this would, however, not ruin your special day, a part of you still wishes that your guests would have something that they can remember your memorable wedding day. Well if you are […]

Tips for Caring Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is a symbol of lifetime commitment to your spouse. So for most people they want to keep this memorable ring until his life time but day-to-day activities may slowly cause wear and tear to the rings without knowing it. Below are some of the tips for caring your ring which keeps your […]

Tips for Saving Money on Wedding?

Planning a wedding can get into a very stressful moment especially when you are having tight budget and high dreams on your wedding. Many brides face this problem because of unending list of expenses. There are some tips for saving money on wedding by which you can get relief from certain situations. Invite only those […]