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Glow Sticks Helpful for Scuba Divers

It is known that glow sticks are used at night parties for added enjoyment and fun. Lighting up yourself and even the venue gives elegance to the party in dark. It is known for all of us. However, in addition to the recreational purposes, glow sticks also have several functional uses. One of the best […]

Easy Ways to Remove Glow Stick Stains on Clothes

Glow sticks have become popular for recreational uses in parties, clubs, and other celebrations at night. They are so easy to be used even by children. All you need to do is to bend the plastic tube containing the chemicals and shake it well to ensure their proper mixing. The glow resulted from the chemiluminescent […]

Glow Stick Toys Bring Fun For Kids

Glow sticks are generally used at night time festivals, concerts, and sporting events. They look beautiful at nights. Kids love to use glow sticks. A glow stick can be embedded in different toys which give sparkling effect. Innovation and creativity with glow sticks can provide much enjoyment. Ping pong balls, devil horns and other items […]

Benefits of Using Glow Sticks in Outdoor Activities

A glow stick can be considered as a novelty item that consists of a plastic tube having two chemicals which combine when the tube is bent, thus, producing a luminescent glow. Glow sticks are used for several purposes. They are not only pertained to use in night parties and celebrations, but also used for safety […]