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Instructions to Plan a Civil Marriage Ceremony

This civil wedding ceremony can be chosen by many people because of it’s convenience and lack of conflicting religious traditions. These type of ceremonies are formal or informal, sentimental or streamlined, these all depends upon the wishes of couples. There are number of things to do, or which can be done by the wedding planner, […]

Different Ideas for Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

You can be creative though you choose a simple civil wedding, to make this special and memorable day in your life. Sometimes, these civil wedding ceremonies can be felt more informal or less serious while compared to the church wedding. Civil ceremony wedding is considered as the non religious marriage. There is a certain criteria, […]

Options of Civil Ceremony Venues

Civil ceremony is the non religious legal wedding ceremony, which is performed by government officials. You can find different options of civil ceremony venues to choose from. There is some information about different options of civil ceremony venues, such as: Registry office: Local registry office is one of the most common civil ceremony venues. Registry […]