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Treatment for Prognathism

Prognathism is a genetic jaw disorder. It is the dentofacial abnormalities due to the protrusion of either of the upper or lower jaw or misalignment of teeth. Prognathism are classified into two types – overbite prognathism and upper bite prognathism. The treatment for these may vary depending on the type of prognathism.

Treatment for under bite prognathism
Under bite prognathism is also called mandibular prognathism. It is a condition in which teeth of lower jaw protrudes over the teeth of upper jaw. This leads the chin to become extended.
Under bite prognathism can be corrected by:

  • Chin caps are used in children up to 5 years with under bite prognathism. Chin caps are fitted to the lower jaw. This can control the growth process of lower jaw and chin. Some times it is used in combination with reverse pull masks to improve the treatment.
  • Upper jaw expander is a molded plastic and wire device containing turn key is fitted to the roof of the mouth. This key is used to widen the expander during night times. It should be worn for several hours a day for several months and can be removed once the desired result is achieved. This is used to expand the lower jaw and there by biting ability can be improved.
  • Reverse pull face mask is used if the upper jaw expander is ineffective. Some times it is used in conjunction with chin caps. This mask is wrapped around the head and attaches to the metal bands on upper back teeth. It is used to pull the upper jaw teeth to its original position.
  • Dental braces are preferred to correct under bite prognathism if it is mild and surgical treatment is not required. Regardless of what type of procedures used earlier, dental braces are used finally to complete the treatment.

Treatment for over bite prognathism
Over bite prognathism is also called maxillary prognathism. It is a condition in which teeth of upper jaw protrudes over the teeth of lower jaw. This makes the face to appear elongated. Treatment for over bite prognathism depends on the severity of overbite you have. It can be corrected by:

  • Dental Braces are fitted to teeth to pull the upper teeth back and corrects overbite prognathism. An alternative to dental braces called invisaligns are used to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Impressions of mouth are taken and series of sets of invisaligns are prepared. Each set is changed for every 2 weeks. Each invisalign aligner is designed to shift the over bite teeth to their normal position.
  • Tooth extraction process is done if over bite prognathism is due to the overcrowding of teeth. In this one or more teeth is removed to give a space to the upper front teeth.

Surgical treatment for prognathism
Maxillofacial surgery is done to candidates with prognathism which cannot be treated with the other methods. In this surgery, general anesthesia is given. An incision is made on the gum to expose the jaw bone. Jaw bone is cut and corrections are made and held together by small plate and screw which result in the permanent relocation of the jaw and improves biting ability.

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