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Selecting a Venue for Your Event

Selecting a venue for an event is very important to make the event successful. It is a part of event planning. Points to remember while selecting venue for an event are:

  • Venue size
  • Audience convenience
  • Venue history
  • Venue Facilities
  • Venue cost
  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Inspection of venue

Venue size
The size of the venue should be selected based on the number of audience you are expecting to attend the event. The venue size should be appropriate to the audience size. It should not be too small or too large. Too small makes the audience feel discomfort and too large increases event budget. This will be helpful in preparing food quantity. The size of the venue should also be selected based on the status of the target audience.

Audience convenience
While selecting a venue for the event, audience convenience should be kept in mind. The location of the venue should be convenient to the audience and guests. The location should be nearer to the most of the targeted audience location. The venue should be clean and hygiene. Venue should have proper ventilation and lighting. Venue should not have any noise and disturbances.

Venue history
Before selecting a venue, it is important to collect the history of the venue whether any events have been organized in the past. Check whether the venue and the staff are friendly or not. Are there any remarks on the venue’s site in the past.

Venue facilities
Before hiring a venue for an event, facilities should be checked to prevent the discomfort to audience and guests. Venue facilities include:
Parking: Select the venue having its own parking facility and it should be large enough for parking vehicles.
Security: Security of audience and guests is an important factor. Select venue having fire extinguishers, fire alarms, security personal, security cameras and first aid kits. Venue having separate exit and entry gate ways should be selected.
Power supply: Venue with power supply, generators and power back up facilities are very important to avoid interruption to the event.

Venue cost
The cost of the venue should be reasonable. Before selecting the venue, ask what is the cost f the venue, whether they charge extra for parking, what is the cost of food per plate, what is the payment mode (card, cash or cheque).

Audio and visual equipment
Check for the availability of internet access and microphones, LCD projectors and speakers.

Inspection of venue
Venue should be inspected whether it is suitable for organizing an event or not. Event manager should inspect the venue for services provided by the venue.

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