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Amalgam Dental Fillings – Advantages and Dis-Advantages

Also known as silver fillings, dental amalgam filling is done when there are an issue in teeth such as cavities. Amalgam along with alloys of mercury and various metals like silver, copper, tin, etc. are used in dental filling. These filling plays a very important role in the area of cavities in teeth before the advent of porcelain fillings. Today, it is still in use for treating people with dental problems, but in a very small number cases as there is huge demand for natural looking fillings.

Dental amalgam fillings
Amalgams are mostly preferred for children as it takes less time for treatment and for people who want durability. In other words, especially those who don’t prefer going to the dentist as often needed for dental fillings. Dental filling is an ideal option even today for large cavities in the teeth caused by tooth decay.

In order to place the amalgam, dentist will drill the area that is affected by cavities or decay and gets rid of them for performing fillings. Following this, the dentist will prepare the fillings by mixing all the metals and alloys required and makes the putty that is to be placed in the removed cavity part. Now, it gets harden into a solid filling.


  • These fillings durable – last for nearly for seven years, which is really a long time span.
  • Amalgam filling is very less expensive than other types of filling.
  • These are strong fillings and it can withstand hard chewing.
  • An amalgam filling takes only one visit to the dentist.
  • It holds the teeth well when biting.
  • As they are strong, they are less likely to break.
  • It is resistant to the decays that may cause further.

Apart from this benefits there are some potential risks and drawbacks with this amalgam fillings.


  • Some drawbacks and Potential risks that may occur with dental amalgam fillings are:
  • For the filling, some times the healthy part of the teeth area is also removed to make enough and large space to put the amalgam filling.
  • They even can corrode the tissue over time, which leads to discoloration in the place where it meets with the teeth.
  • Today, people now are looking for tooth colored filling with a natural tooth like look. Therefore, this may not be a perfect filling today.
  • People feel allergic to mercury and are afraid of its harmful effects.

In view of these pros and cons of dental amalgam fillings, it’s not advisable to all. People who really need long durability and less expensive fillings in very short time span only may opt for this type of filling.

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