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Benefits and Drawbacks of Cork Flooring for Home

There are many options for flooring your home. You need to choose one as per your necessities and home interior design. You could consider the case of cork flooring. Cork is made from the bark of cork oat tree and rubber. Cork flooring is durable, biodegradable, recyclable, and is easy to install. Its range of price is not neither cheap and nor expensive when you consider its quality and durability. Price may vary as per its thickness, color, labor, installation etc. In view of this, let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of cork flooring.

Benefits of cork flooring for home:

  • Variety: You can find a variety of designs, styles, colors, patterns that are likely to enhance the beauty of your house.
  • Noise resistant: Cork contains millions of cells filled with air. With this characteristic it reduces the transmission of sound or vibration. This could be a good choice for study rooms.
  • Comfortable: Cork floor gives comfort when you walk on it. The reason is cork cells contain air, which makes them a natural shock absorber. It is suitable in the areas where you walk with bare feet like bathroom, kitchen etc. This is the unique feature of cork flooring that you experience on it than any other flooring.
  • Mold resistant: Cork flooring is resistant to molds because of its density. It protects you from allergies and infections. Thus, it creates a healthy environment in your home. It is also insect resistant.
  • Insulator: Cork flooring acts as an insulator because the tissue of cork contains air, which makes it good insulator, and is thus ideal for your air conditioning your home.
  • Resilient: Cork flooring is resilient in nature. It bounces back from impression. The reason is that it contains gaseous space in it. So, mostly you may not see dents on its surface and you will enjoy the pleasure to walk on it.

Drawbacks of cork flooring for home:

  • Fade: When cork flooring is exposed to direct sunlight, there are chances of color change. The color fades.
  • Less durable: It is less durable and easily susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Regular maintenance: Compared to other flooring, cork flooring needs regular maintenance. Cork is susceptible to get affected by dirt, dust, sand, etc., which could cause scratches on its surface, and ultimately damage it.

These points are aimed to help you out when you go for cork flooring for your home. Lot we see but we choose the one, so opt the right one and experience lavish appeal of your home.

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