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How to Choose the Right Car Seat for Your Child?

Whenever you are riding with your child in your vehicle, the most important product you should buy is car seat. Car seats can prevent serious injuries when there is a chance for accidents. However, it is safer for you to have a car seat when riding with your kids. When it comes for buying car seat, parents often confuse about how to choose a car seat.

There are many car seats available in the market based on age, height and weight. While installing these seats, you must always follow the manufacture’s instructions because installation differs from one car to other.

Car seats come in three designs such as infant seats, shields and harnesses.

  • For infant seats: For infants, two options are there: An infant carrier seat, which is typically good for up to 20 pounds baby weight, or a Convertible seat suitable for growing child.
    • Infant carrier Seats: Most parents use these seats because they can easily snap their child or can be latched to the back seat. These seats can be packed in bag. The downside of this seat is, it suits for infants only.
    • Convertible Car Seats:These seats are durable and flexible. These seats are suitable for child weighing up to 40 to 60 pounds. However this seats can be positioned to either forward or rear facing.
  • The shield type: In this type, the protector is cushioned in front of the lower side of your child. When you lock the belt, it will not allow the kids to fall. So it saves your child life when there is a chance of danger. It bests suits for smaller kids.
  • Harness type: It has straps on the buckle which tightly holds the child in the seat.

However, when you are buying a car seat, you need to look for durability, comfort, and best price.

Updated: March 17, 2015 — 4:02 am
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