For Good Gas Mileage Clean the Car

Everybody wants to save the money at the pump, when they are driving for cross-town or cross-country. However, based on the maintenance of the car, you can save the bills on the gas by just taking few precautions.

Following are simple tips for increasing car mileage.

    • Maintaining the engine in well tuned and in good running order can improve the gas mileage and also it keeps your car in top shape. So make sure that you fix the problems like faulty sensors, clogged engine in regular intervals of time.
    • Use the air conditioner only when you absolutely need it.
    • Ensure that your car spark plugs are in good shape.
    • Adjust the valves properly.
    • Use your cruise control whenever possible.
    • Keep the carburetor clean because a dirty carburetor can cause a car to use more percent of gas than clean one.
    • Maintain a clean catalytic converter.
    • Never go with a start and stop go traffic by taking alternative routes.


  • Keep the air filters clean. Clogged air filters increase fuel consumption.
  • Check whether the automatic choke is working properly or not.
  • Change the engine oil regularly.
  • If you want to stop your car for more than 30 seconds in a traffic, stop the engine and wait.
  • Use radial tires in the spring to gain a four percent of gas efficiency.
  • The wind drags caused by ski and roof racks will reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Opening of windows too can eat up the gas mileage.
  • Keeping unnecessary items in the car can eat up more percent of gas.
  • Even tailgates cause a drag effect which reduces gas mileage.
  • Never try to increase the car speed while climbing a hill.

These tips will help you increase your gas mileage.

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