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Smart Tips to Make Your Website Load Faster

The most important part of any business website is, it should load faster whenever user is trying to access it. The user may not wait and will drive off to other websites – doesn’t matter how good or accurate your website’s content is. So ensure that your website loads within a blink of eye to place your viewers in line.

Here are some of the tips that help you to make your website load faster:website monitoring service

  • More images in a web page take more time to load the page. Use compression techniques to optimize the images so that website will load faster.
  • Make sure that your web hosting is nearer to you and within the 40 miles of distance otherwise, you might need to consider hosting elsewhere. The nearer the web hosting, the faster will your website load.
  • Avoid background music that plays automatically when users try to access your website. This is because, music will make web-page loading time consuming.
  • Avoid graphic buttons for links and use text links.
  • If you use graphics in your page, the website takes more time to load. Use as much text as you like to convey the message in the page but it should take less time to load.
  • Make sure that the navigation bar for your page should not exceed 10KB and entire page should not exceed more than 20 KB. Therefore, make navigation simple and easy to read.
  • Always go for a good website hosting organization because they don’t use inexpensive equipment and the page will not take more time to download.
  • Use simple designs to load your pages faster.
  • Consider a web host which provides more bandwidth to your website. Larger bandwidth allows handling more traffic.
  • Make sure that your website is error free.
  • Whenever users try to access a graphic image which takes more time to download, warn them that image may take more time to download due site monitoringto the bigger size.
  • Use PDF files if you want to add formatted text to your site and also warn reader that how much time it takes to download a page.
  • Consider flash and media only when necessary because it takes more time to download.
  • Always check your website load time regularly.

Make sure that you keep all these tips in mind while designing a website so that they will help you to make your website load faster.

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