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Tips to Choose Bedsheets

Choosing a bed sheet is dependent on considering a number of factors such as fabric, size etc. Choosing a quality bed sheet is very easy by knowing the basics of selection.

Fabric content:
It is essential to check the fabric content. Long fibers make the fabric more luxurious and durable. Cotton and polyester blends do not make the bed sheet to wrinkle easily. Rayon makes us feel cooler to touch than cotton.

Fabric Quality: Thread count determines the quality in bed sheets. The more number of thread counts, say 300-400 or higher, the better is quality.

Fabric Type: Bed sheets often use materials like polyester, modal, bamboo, synthetic or a blend of different fabrics.

If the bed sheet is made from cotton material, it is important to determine the cotton type such as Egyptian, Pima, Supima.

Weaving feature: This determines how durable the bed sheet is. Weaves include percale, which provides makes the fabric sheet crisper.

Bed linens in fabrics and blends are gaining popularity as they are environmentally friendly. Sateen weaves are softer, provides silkier feeling but are less durable. Bamboo is a soft, breathable fiber, which are resistant to bacteria.

Compare the prices, quality of bed sheets available in market. Choose the right size, color, pattern before purchasing. The bed sheets are selected based on the size of the bed to fit. An appropriate sheet provides a comfortable sleep.

Updated: April 22, 2013 — 11:17 pm
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