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Tips for Drying Clothes While Traveling

While traveling many people face the problem of drying their clothes. Travelers need to dry their clothes to avoid bad odor. This problem mostly occurs to travelers who come for a long trip. However, there are plenty of options are there to dry your clothes.

Following are tips for drying the clothes:

  • If you stay in a hotel and laundry services are provided, then you can dry your clothes. This costs you to spend a little.
  • Suppose your hotel is not providing any laundry services, then you wash your clothes on your own and try to dry your clothes by squeezing method.
  • First squeeze the washed clothes by hand if some amount of water remains inside your clothes will comes out and lays it under the fans.
  • Suppose if your hotel is not providing fans but providing AC, you open the window to let the air come inside. Through this you can dry your light weight clothes easily.
  • You can also tie one end of rope to the one window and the end of the rope to the window. Then hang your clothes on this rope and use pins to hold your clothes. This method can be used both inside and outside the buildings. Some buildings will not permit to do this.
  • Use top portion of the building to dry your clothes on rods of the smaller pillars remained, if any.
  • You can also use air dryers to dry your clothes.
  • The best method of drying your clothes is to hang your washed clothes and sun and within an hour, your clothes will be dried.

Updated: April 22, 2013 — 11:16 pm
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