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Tourist Locations for Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is well known for museums, fine art galleries, parks etc. you should not miss during your stay.

1. Graceland
It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Memphis. Visitors are given opportunity to visit only the Elvis mansion and grounds also can visit his grave and even they can view his collection of Airplanes and automobiles. The mansion takes the visitors music room, living room, bed room, dining room etc. and the tour ends at the Meditation Gardens.

Visiting Hours: The visiting hours varies from season to season.

Location: It is located in 3734 Elvis Presley, Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38186.

2. Beale Street
It is the heart of entertainment in the Memphis, TN. It includes more than 25 clubs and the shops which are lining the street. It is a home to merchants and traders they use this convenient location to move goods along the Mississippi river.

The Beale street also includes B B kings Blues club, Tap room, Blues city cafe, The Black Diamond and many more which make you visit next time.

In the month of the May the street Music Festival brings major music acts like Wilco, John Mellencamp etc. at the end of the street on the Mississippi. It is pretty enjoyable.

3. The Memphis Zoo
The Memphis Zoo is home to the world’s longest living Hippopotamus who died at the age of 54 in the year 1965 and the male hippo sired approximately 25 off springs during his lifetime and thus brought the city the epithet “hippo capital of the world.”

Rules: It does not allow balloons, weapons, glass containers, bicycles, rollerblades, skates or any popular roller shoes, heels, alcohol and pets inside the zoo. It is a smoke free zoo. The Ice Skating Rink will be opened from November to January

Operational hours: From March 1st to October 27, it is open from 9.a.m to 5.p.m and from October 28th to February 29th it is open from 9.a.m to 4.p.m and is closed during the Thanks giving day, Christmas Eve, and the Christmas day and will be reopened on Thanksgiving night and the Christmas night at 5.30p.m.

4. National Civil Right Museum
In Memphis, TN it is the site of the Lorraine Motel. It is located at south main and huling streets, in the historic art district of downtown of Memphis. This museum was intended to help its visitors to better understand the events of the American civil right movements.

Visiting/Operating Hours: It is closed on every Tuesday and on Sunday it will open from 1.p.m to 5.p.m and the res of the days it will open from to The free periods on Monday is from 3.p.m to 5.p.m. And from June 1st to August 31st as it is closed on Tuesdays on Sundays it will open from to and rest of the days it will be open from 9.a.m to 6.p.m. The free period on Monday is from 3.p.m to 6.p.m. It will be closed on Easter day, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Thanking day and the New year day.

Location: It is located in downtown Memphis at 450 mulberry street, Memphis, TN 38103.

5. Pink Palace Museum
It houses a wide range of collection of historic, educational, technological attractions which is maintained by the city Memphis, Tennessee. This museum inspires visitors to learn how the history, science, technology, and the nature sharp the mid-south. It also involves the rich collections thought provoking exhibitions, and engaging programs, also encourage the diverse community to reflect on the past, understand the present and influence the future.

6. Autozone Park
It is opened in the year 2000 and it is located at 200 union Avenue in Memphis. It is a home to the Memphis red birds, AAA team of the Pacific Coast League. It is described as one of the finest ball parks in the country. It is home to an annual Major League Baseball exhibition game, that is known as civil right game. The stadium was given the honor of hosting the game because it is proximate to the national civil right museum. The Memphis redbirds are the baseball team which is affiliated to St. Louis Cardinals. It is surrounded by enough local architecture to create a well-established sense of place.

7. The Peabody Ducks
It is a famous hotel in downtown Memphis which is more than a hotel to stay. The Peabody ducks are five North American Mallards ie: The four hens that are females with less colourful plumage, and the one male duck with white collar and green head. Each day there is parade of this five mallard ducks, which is led by a duck master that makes its way from the roof of the hotel down to the lobby. The red carpet is rolled out then the ducks march into the fountain of the Peabody Grand Lobby. Then the ceremony is reversed when the ducks return to their rooftop home at 5.p.m.

8. Memphis Botanical Gardens
Is is a member of American Horticulture Society. The Garden strives to attract people who visit it to connect their lives with nature to increase awareness and to appreciation of nature. The Garden includes 25 socialite Gardens which provides an in-depth look into various families of plants, flowers, and trees. The family gardens offer a place for visitors to play, splashing, digging, creating and discovering the joys of time spent in outdoors. The herb garden is one of the largest in the nation, that offers unique opportunities for programming and also for visitor ‘s taste.

Operating Hours: The central day timing hours are to the central standard time i.e. Winter to 4.30pm and for Mondays it opens at

Location: It is located at 750 cherry road, Memphis, TN 38117

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