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Types of Website Monitoring

check website statusNowadays online business has become common and has started reaching ups and bounds, and it is very important for a company to stay available all the time with their existing or potential customers. Whether it’s a small or a large organization, it is very important to set up or create a website of their own and be online round the clock to ensure the online help for their international clients. This would be possible only when the website is up or available otherwise company site will go down and sure it sees consequences of heavy loss. At this time internal and external website monitoring comes into rescue.

Website monitoring is a procedure of testing interaction between the website and a visitor. The reason is to make sure that the site works properly, available and does not go down. Website monitoring services monitor the performance of websites, monitor the downtime, up time and websites response time and give alerts through emails, SMS, Twitter and RSS feed. However there are many free and paid website monitoring services are available.

There are several types of website monitoring.

website monitoringInternal/inside monitoring: Any site can experience a downtime due to many reasons. When a performance of a site is measured from inside of a firewall is called internal/ inside monitoring and it is a traditional network management technique. The reasons for this low performance would be connection failure to the public internet and flaws in design applications.

External/outside monitoring: Also known as end user performance monitoring. Here in this, issues exist outside the firewall possible in the internet backbones.

Synthetic/active Monitoring: In this type of monitoring, special browser emulation is used. This program affects actions that might end-users take. In this system, it will be easy to find the bugs in the website performance before end-users would do it. Therefore we can say that synthetic monitoring is a preventative monitoring.

Passive monitoring/real user monitoring: It deals with traffic. It creates a copy of the traffic and this information can be analyzed then. This monitoring is used only after problem occurs. So this type of monitoring is for troubleshooting.

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