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Tips for Keeping Your Luggage Safe While Traveling and in Hotels

While traveling many people miss their hand bags and luggage, but it is the worst thing at that situation. So for not repeating the same thing, here are some of the tips that you need to follow to ensure a better and more traveling experience

  • Before you leave it is better if you create a written list which should include each and everything in every bag of yours. It is better if you leave a copy at your home in case if you need to claim compensation.
  • Take a photograph for each valuable item in the luggage.
  • Do not offer anything for anyone else to carry. Of course you may make new friends in your journey but let them carry their own luggage.
  • Take travel insurance, because sometimes it is necessary while traveling to the other countries.
  • It is better if you will not pack anything that is valuable like jewelry, electronics like laptops or any important documents.
  • It is better if you avoid checking very expensive things through looking your bags.
  • Never leave your bag unattended, so it is better to keep a close eye on it, to ensure nothing can be stolen from it.
  • It is better if you keep anything important or expensive in your hand bag. This is the best way to keep a close eye on them.
  • It is better if you insert your contact details in your luggage, so if you lose your tag that may help you in finding your bag.
  • It is also better if you invest in zip ties and padlocks, because getting an additional security for your bag is lessen the chance of stolen anything from the bag.
  • Remove the old tags to avoid confusion and put some colorful mark on your bag for easy identification.
  • Do not leave your pockets open and also the zips undone. It makes easy to the pick-pockets to steal your money or valuables.
  • Take photographs while leaving your room for the tourism or meetings etc.

These are some of the tips for keeping your luggage safety while traveling and living in hotels.

Updated: December 18, 2013 — 5:46 am
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