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Tips to Choose a Right Toothbrush

Regular oral hygienic practices including brushing and flossing are considered to have a lot of effect on dental health. Ensuring proper and regular brushing is not just enough. It is even important to choose the right toothbrush. There are manual and electric toothbrushes. Manual ones include the manual operation moving the brush across the teeth. However, electric ones are intended for use by older adults and arthritic patients who feel discomfort by manual brushing. Whether you choose an electric or a manual brush, remember certain tips given below to get a right toothbrush.

The size of the toothbrush head is an important factor to be considered when choosing one. It is better to choose a toothbrush of small head. The one with the head of about half-inch width and one-inch tall is considered to be effective for adults in general. However, a toothbrush with larger head does not allow cleaning of hard-to-reach areas in the mouth such as the sides and backs of your molar teeth. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the toothbrush with best head size which promotes easy access to all the surfaces of the teeth. In addition, the handle should also be long enough to allow easy handling.

The next important factor is the bristle variety. The bristles of toothbrush should not be too hard or too soft. The harder bristles are considered to damage your teeth whereas the ones which are too soft cannot clean the teeth properly. Even your brushing style including the pressure you apply on the teeth may affect the life span of the brushes. It is even said that the strength of your teeth also affect the bristles of toothbrush. Overzealous brushing can damage your teeth and also your toothbrush. Hence, remember to choose the right bristled toothbrush and ensure proper brushing. Moreover, it is recommended to select a toothbrush having bristles with round tips. Consider your dentist’s recommendations to get the right toothbrush. It is advised to replace the toothbrush with a new one for every three months to ensure effective brushing. Considering these tips while choosing a right toothbrush and enjoy a perfect dental health.

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