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Tips for Maintaining Bathroom Tiles

It is obvious that we choose the right flooring for our bathroom. Tiles are used most commonly for flooring, walls and even decoration of bathrooms. Adding unique tiles with specific color and pattern can make it more beautiful. However, this is not just enough. You should also follow certain maintenance tips to make them look great for a long time. Here are some tips to take care of your bathroom tiles.

  • They can be kept neat and clean by placing a good bath rug or mat beside the bathroom enclosure in order to prevent dirt, grime and heavy traffic. It is also a safety concern as wet feet on the tiles may result in a fall or an injury.
  • A regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the appearance of bathroom tiles. Use mild cleaners to clean the tiles and mop them with a cloth. Ensure that you do not use ammonium-based cleaners and bleach for cleaning because they damage the tiles. Cleaning bathroom tiles with vinegar and baking soda once in a while is a good option.
  • Certain wax-based materials soak into the grout of the tiles making them discolored. So, avoid using them to prevent fading of the tiles.
  • Some tiles may get cracked or chipped. Ensure that medium- to heavy- weight objects are not dropped on them. Do not allow sharp and pointed objects to come in contact with the floor tiles in order to avoid scratches. Be careful when dragging heavy objects around the tiles as some tiles may get chipped off.
  • Whenever possible, leave lights on, in order to minimize humidity to ensure a less comfortable environment for molds and mildews.

These tips are helpful for proper maintenance of bathroom tiles. Ensure that you consider the maintenance costs when purchasing the tiles for your bathroom.

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