Monthly Archives: February, 2011

How to Prove a Hostile Environment at Workplace?

A hostile work environment is the term which describes the workplace situation where an employee is unable to perform work due to hostile behavior by co-workers or management. It may be because of the work related stress provided by the boss. It may also be due to discrimination on the basis of race, religion, nationality, […]

Suffering From Pet Allergies? Air Purifiers Can Solve The Problem

The people who are using the air purifiers are less exposed to infections than the people with out air purifiers in their houses. An air purifier can eliminate air borne particles, odors, fumes and other particles that can cause allergies and asthma. One of the reason for the existence of pollutants in the air may […]

How to Build a Green Fishing Light

Among all the fishing lights, green fishing light is found to be more effective. As it is found that, green light penetrates more on being submersed in water. And even the photo receptors in fishes are found sensitive to the color green, attracting huge number of fishes. For most of the people, for whom fishing […]

Know About Barcode Labels for Circuit Boards

Barcode technology is being used in various fields among which one is electronics. Automated assembly, processing, test, and packaging systems provide great benefits for electronic equipment manufacturers. Barcodes can be used for tracking inventory, measuring productivity, and also for implementing engineering changes on WIP (Work in Progress). A barcode label printed by a Zebra printer […]

Heavy Marijuana Usage can Cause Brain Damage

Illegal drug consumption has been increasing these days. Marijuana is one of the commonly used illegal drugs. Problems with memory and learning; loss of coordination; difficulty in thinking and problem solving; and increased heart rate are some of the short-term side effects of marijuana abuse. Continued use of marijuana may have serious effects on brain, […]

Why is it Necessary to Conduct Marijuana Drug Test?

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drugs in the United States. Delta 9 tetrahydroxy cannabinol (THC) is the active component of marijuana. Marijuana drug abuse causes certain short-term effects such as distorted perception, loss of coordination, increased heart rate, and impairment of learning and memory. Marijuana consumption for longer periods has serious effects on […]