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Benefits of Using Glow Sticks in Outdoor Activities

A glow stick can be considered as a novelty item that consists of a plastic tube having two chemicals which combine when the tube is bent, thus, producing a luminescent glow. Glow sticks are used for several purposes. They are not only pertained to use in night parties and celebrations, but also used for safety and emergency purposes.

A reliable and easy way of using a light source is an important part of preparation of camping trips. When compared with candles, lanterns, and flash lights, glow sticks are used by many campers, as they have numerous advantages. Apart from the use as lighting source, glow necklaces and bracelets and other such glow products can be used which give fun at night time games and activities at campground.

Generally, when one is going out for any outdoor activities such as camping or boating, some of the common things are mandatory. They include first aid kit, food and water and some other necessities such as flashlight and spare batteries. They may weigh the bag down and hence the use of glow sticks may be preferable.

Glow sticks can be used at any places. They can be considered as perfect means to use practically at any event or situation. Many different colors can be used for glow sticks. As many as twelve colors are used sometimes. When compared to a flashlight, glow sticks are lesser in weight. Also they occupy less space than a flashlight. Hence carrying glow sticks is easy for any outdoor activities. The other advantage of using them is they are very inexpensive and require no batteries. Some people may worry about buying batteries, use of spare batteries and buying even rechargeable batteries which are more costlier than regular batteries. Instead of worrying about all these things, it is simple to use glow sticks which do not require any batteries. As they are inexpensive, a large number of glow sticks can be bought before planning an outdoor camping. They are also disposable.

In outdoor activities, at nighttime, glow sticks can be used for safety purpose. As it becomes dark outside during night, glow sticks can be used for lighting the areas without using fire or heat. This makes the area always visible. Also the risk of starting a fire and injuring someone can be avoided. At night games, they can be used signaling and marking. Use of different colors of glow bracelets and necklaces by players of different teams helps in identifying the players.

Updated: March 29, 2013 — 3:32 am
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