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Importance of CT Scanners in Dental Practices

Day by day, technology is being improved in almost every industry. Advanced technology is also being used in dental practices increasing the standards of care. Technology provides better treatment by improving the patient comfort.

CT scan is the one of them. This is also called as “CAT scan”, which means computed tomography. This is a procedure, which can create an X-ray film of very small slices of the body and head. By using dental CT scans, dentists can observe extremely accurate and detailed images of the teeth and gum tissues and they can build exact model of the jawbone. This CT scanning is recommended to the patients who are going to have the implants. This CT scan helps the dentists to know the exact spot in the mouth to do the surgery and to make a plan to do the treatment. Treatment time can be reduced by using this CT scan technology. This technology is specially useful in placing dental implants under gums. CT scan technology also used when a patient has an impacted tooth. Exact position of the tooth can be identified, which helps to determine which course of treatment is best.

Many specialists in dental research are still developing the best techniques to use CT scan.

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