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2010 Market Share Classification of Accessories Industry

Retailing is combination of science and art. A clearer look is provided by the science of retailing to consumers’ minds.

Accessories are decorative items. These add additional attraction to garment, like gloves, tights, suspenders, leggings, neckties, bow ties, hats, hand bags, scarves, sunglasses, stockings, legwarmers,watches, leggings, pins, belts, jewelry.

Color, style and class are added by accessories to an outfit and certain look is created by accessories, and they may have some use. Suppose face is protected by hats from weather elements, hands are kept warm by hands, handbags are useful to carry the small and necessary items, and mobile connectivity is provided by laptops and used to increase the work power.

Clear insights are provided by statistics from the retail and consumer community to the accessories industries. There is an estimation for market share by classification of accessories.

It was estimated according to accessories magazine, census report 2009, that jewelry’s share can be 30.18 percent in total market share of accessories industry. It was 27 percent in 2009. It was estimated to increase the percentage in accessories industry. Next one is hand bags, it was estimated that the hand bags’ share will be 29.02 percent in 2010 and it was 24 percent in 2009. And hosiery will be 9.61 percent in 2010 and earlier it was 16 percent. And small leather goods can be 8.84 percent and earlier it was 3 percent in 2009. sunglasses will be 5.29 percent and earlier it was 7 percent in 2009 and watches will be 4.96 and earlier 10 percent and scarves will be 3.59 percent and earlier it was 2 percent, hats will be 2.99 percent and earlier it was 3 percent. Slippers’ share will be 2.27 percent and earlier it was 2 percent, Gloves’ share will be 1.4o percent and belts’ share will be 1.22 and earlier belts was 2 percent. Umbrellas will be 0.64 percent and earlier it was 1 percent.

These information is collected from accessories magazine through the department stores and national chain stores. This information will help people know where, why consumers are purchasing across all retail channels. Companies can be on the top of the fashion industry trends, by this information.

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