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Marijuana Drug Test Detection Time

Marijuana is a type of commonly abused drug in United States. Drug test can detect whether a person has used drug or not. There are different detection times for different drugs and for different use.

Generally, detection time depends on the type of sensitivity of the test employed, the frequency, dosage, last time of use, one’s metabolism state, digestive and excretory systems and other factors. Drug test detection times of marijuana are there for different tests. Such as:

  • If any one uses Marijuana in single use then detection time can be 1 to 7 days if it is urine test, 12 to 24 hours. But if it is hair test then the detection time is doubtful.
  • If a person is a marijuana regular user then detection time can be 7 to 100 days in urine drug test and 2 to 7 days in blood drug test. It may take months for hair test.

Generally, urine drug test is the most popular one, because presence of the drug can be found out after days or weeks of consumption of the drug.

The better test for recent use is blood test because the actual presence of the THC is measured by the blood test in the system. But these tests are used rarely.

Generally, marijuana residues are absorbed internally, they appear in the hair after 7 to 10 days of the first consumption of the drug.

The above information is regarding the detection time of the Marijuana drug in different tests. No one can say exact detection period for any drug in any test.

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