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How to Maintain Longevity of Your Car

Apart from buying a car, maintaining is also much more important to increase the life span or the longevity of the car. Now-a-days, the cars which are in the market are better than the previous models. Engine life has also increased with the new technologies.

But because of the bad driving habits of most of the people, the longevity of the cars will get reduced leaving up with more repair costs.

Let us see how to add up the longevity of the car.

  • Start the car properly: Adding up the longevity will always depend on how you start the car. Whenever you turn on the ignition make sure that no headlights or any extra accessories are on. This will increase the burden of the engine. Revving the engine , will not warm up the car but keeping it turn on will shorten the lifespan of the car. So, work with it carefully.
  • Engine: The oil present in the engine is analogous to the blood in the body. So, never make the oil in the engine to leak. Loss of the oil may lead to critical situations. Also never forget to change the oil for every 3000 miles. Always use the oil which has nice quality and has filters.
  • Cooling system: Initially change the coolant at 1500 miles and then after change for every two to three years. While you are changing the coolant, even replace the thermostat and its seal at the same time using factory parts. The other place which usually gets repairs is the radiator, check the radiators, cooling fans, hoses and water pumps, all of them should work in the good condition for improving the longevity of the car.
  • Brakes should also be maintained properly. The fluid which is in the brakes, should be changed every year because of the absorption of the moisture, rust or oxidation might occur.
  • Apart from changing the lubricating oil, the transmission oil should also be changed. First the change should be done for 1500 miles and then after every 50,000 miles the change of the oil should be done.
  • Tires are also maintained effectively. Always fill the tyres with the oil, always check the tire pressure.
  • Even the driving of the car will also influence the longevity of the car. Do not turn too gently so that the car cannot move further which will effect the steer pump’s wear and tear.
  • Never ride on the clutch. So, longevity of the clutch will get destroyed.
  • Always listen the sounds of the car. Don’t ignore the sounds. Each and every sound will resemble the car for help.
  • Drive more which makes the car to work efficiently rather than not using it at all. Use if it is exactly necessary.
  • Never ignore the warning lights in spite of your busy schedule. As it may cause serious damage.

So, one can say that the negligence is the main cause which reduces the longevity of the car.

Updated: March 17, 2015 — 3:43 am
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