Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Cost of Living and its Variations

Cost of living is the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living. A cost-of-living index is a price index that measures relative cost of living over time. Such indexes are constructed to have a value of 100 in a given year (or period or place), called the base. An index value of 110 means […]

Treatment For Animal Bite Infections

Treatment for animal bite infection is depends on the wound type, its site, and risk factors for infection. All wounds from animal bites are cleaned and sterile as thoroughly as possible. The doctor begins by injecting a local anesthetic in order to examine the wound thoroughly without causing additional pain to the child. Next step […]

All about Product Placement

Product placement is a type of advertising, in which promotional advertisements placed by marketers using real commercial products and services in media, where the presence of a particular brand is the result of an economic exchange. When featuring a product is not part of an economic exchange, it is called a product plug. Product placement […]