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Early American Psychology

About in 1875, the Harvard physiology instructor (worked as he then was), William James, has opened a small experimental psychology demonstration laboratory as for the use by his route. The laboratory has been never used, in these days, for primitive research, with therefore argued still is as for whether it will regard as “the first” experimental psychology laboratory. In 1878, James gave a series of lectures at Johns Hopkins University entitled “The Senses and the Brain and their Relation to Thought” in which he argued, contra Thomas Henry Huxley, that consciousness is not epiphenomenal, but must have an evolutionary function, or it would not have been naturally selected in humans. In the same year James receives the abbreviation textbook by Henry Holt in “the new” experimental psychology. If he has rapidly sketched it, this can be the first English textbook in the topic. It is 12 years before, however, can publish in his psychology two capacities principle. The textbook simultaneously was published the Yale by George Trumbull Ladd (1,887) and James to mark the Baldwin then Lake Forest institute (1,889).

Charles Sanders Peirce is hired in 1879 has taken the philosophy instructor in Johns Hopkins University. Although famously for his astronomy and the philosophy work, Peirce and has conducted any is perhaps the first American psychology experiment, about the color vision, in 1877 is published (sees also in the science US journal Cadwallder 1974 In 1882, Peirce has been joined in Johns Hopkins by Granville Stanley Hall, in 1883 opened the first US research lab to devote to the experimental psychology. Peirce was forced and Hall has been awarded only professor outside his position by the scandal the position in the philosophy aspect in Johns Hopkins. In 1887 Hall established the psychology US journal, the publication work mainly sends out from his laboratory. In 1888 Hall is left behind he Professor Johns Hopkins the position for the new establishment President Cluck university’s duty, he retains for the surplus his enterprise.

Very quick, in 1887 the experimental psychology laboratory has been opened in the Pennsylvania university (, by James McKeen Cattell), Indiana University (in 1888, William Lowe Bryan), Wisconsin Madison (in 1888, Joseph Jastrow) university, Cluck university (in 1889, Edmund Cluck Sanford), McLean collection post (in 1889, William Noyes), with Nebraska (in 1889, Harry Kirke Wolfe) university. In 1890, the psychology William James principle finally had a liking for, with rapidly has become the most influential textbook in the American psychology history. It built many foundations to be able to pay great attention to a kind of question for the American psychologists, which for several years came. The book chapter in consciousness, the emotion, with the habit is the special agenda establishment.

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