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OSHA: Emergency Action Plan (EAP) For Fire Hazards

The chances of occurrence of fire hazards in some industries vary from minimal amount to considerable amounts in some other industries. OSHA proposes to frame an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to employers that will be very effective in evacuating the workforce out of the workplace in due time to avoid an casualty in case of […]

Electrical Safety Tips at Workplace

In the work place environment it is the common responsibility of all employees, to protect the company from electrical accidents. We should carefully review the safety guidelines before working with electrical things. Extension cords having three prongs should be used to prevent short circuits, overloading and electrocution. Never use a high extension cord and always […]

Know about Importance of Safety Training at Workplace

Safety training is important at workplace to prevent accidents and create safe environment. Most of the organizations think that it is a cost increasing factor, but when accidents are met with in the organization it highly impacts the cost and also attracts regulations from authorities. So organizations should give proper training for employees. It a […]

Why Workplace Safety Matters?

Most of the organizations do not seriously consider the employees health and safety at workplace. Employees need to be both mentally and physically healthy and safe. But several organizations do not take it seriously as they think it will be a financial burden to the company. But an organization should know that it is difficult […]