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How to Maintain Reputation in the Translation Industry?

Every company should follow certain standards and values to get reputation in their respective fields. Reputation is the one of the factors which cannot be achieved without money. Lot of effort and hard work is required to make a company reputed. Similarly in translation industry certain parameters should be followed in order to be called […]

Want to Become a Successful Freelance Translator?

Freelance translator is a person who undertakes work for translation agencies and localization companies. There are specialized translators for different fields like legal, financial, commercial or technical. Following are some of the tips to become a successful freelance translator: First thing after completing your studies is to find employment at an all round translation firm […]

The Problems Associated With Language Translation

As it is not easy to get the similar meaning when translating between two entirely different languages, problems have been irritating translators for many years. Language is a communication tool which can be used in various ways to convey either the same idea, or entirely a different idea. The problem occurs when translators will try […]