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Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction. Reasons for addiction Every abuser has a different […]

Why Young people get Attracted to Marijuana Drug or Other drugs

People may believe that teenagers are not using marijuana and they will not use but it may not be correct. According to national survey among students, approximately one in five of students of 10th grade are current Marijuana users, and one in four of students of high schools seniors are current Marijuana users. These many […]

Tips to Cut Down on Drinking

You may be asked to maintain a drinking dairy by general physician. How much you are drinking is revealed by this and in which situations you are drinking too much is identified when you are honest and accurate. These tips may be followed to cut down the drinking. Replace your common drink with another one […]

Impact of marijuana abuse on infants

Marijuana is one type of drug and THC its ingredient, a very dangerous chemical to say. It causes several adverse effects on human body. Effect of marijuana on user depends on the quantity of THC and it’s strength or potency. The average amount of the THC in test samples measures the strength of the drug. […]

All you need to know about Anesthetics

Anesthetic is a drug which causes loss of sensation. Generally it is used during the case of surgery. Many types of anesthetic drugs are being used now-a-days. In general, Anesthetics is classified into two classes: General anesthetics and Local anesthetics. General Anesthetics causes, loss of consciousness and whereas the local anesthetics causes, loss of sensation […]

Poor Sleep Related To Teen Drug Use

A new study done by the researchers at University of California found that sleep deprived teens are more prone to use drugs at the center of social networks at the time of their adolescence and thereby increase their burden towards it. Poor sleeping styles and drug habits are two main reasons that may develop easily […]