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Emerging Trends Of Retail Industry Using The Retail Automation

Retail automation means automating the retail store. The process includes selections and usage of computer software and hardware for automating the store processes like merchandising, processing, back office procedures etc. Because of the wide variations in the growth of the retail industry, large retailers influence the market a lot. This growth in the retail industry […]

What is MS Share Point Server?

For doing both the collaboration and the web publishing at a time this server is used. Sharepoint server will provide both applications at a time. The operations which are done using this software are developing websites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines etc. Different capabilities of this server are used for improving organizational effectiveness, […]

Basic Requirements Of An Industrial Automation System

Modern Industrial Automation Systems are used for real time acquisition of the data, for data management, resource management, sharing the data with the use of networks. The automation system should be used for monitoring and integrating various functions like data collection, data monitoring, resource management, fault detection and even used for decision making. Basic requirements […]

The Problems Associated With Language Translation

As it is not easy to get the similar meaning when translating between two entirely different languages, problems have been irritating translators for many years. Language is a communication tool which can be used in various ways to convey either the same idea, or entirely a different idea. The problem occurs when translators will try […]

Technology in libraries

In high tech world the technology in libraries has play the significant impact on the changing roles of librarians. Because the new technology gives the accessibility of information easily and librarians are adapting to the evolving needs of users that emerge from the adoption of these new technologies. Because of this technology now we see […]

Medical informatics in the United States

The earliest use of computation for medicine was for dental projects in the 1950s at the United States National Bureau of Standards by Robert Ledley. The next stage in the mid 1950s were the development of the expert systems such as MYCIN and INTERNIST-I. In 1965, the national library of medicine started to use MEDLINE […]