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Top Four Habits to Stay Healthy

Inculcating good habits always have positive signs of health. They promote wellness from all dimensions. Want to know about habits that keep you healthy? Here are the four habits that a healthy person follows to maintain health. Say ‘No’ to bad habits – Everyone has some good habits as well as bad habits. Encourage good […]

Yoga is the Best Tool for Anger Management

Anger is one of the biggest enemy for a person. It can destroy oneself. It influences greatly on a person’s behavior and gives bad impression for others. Anger is one of the nastiest emotion. Yoga is one of the best practice to control anger. As most of the psychologists say that, yoga plays a vital […]

Heavy Marijuana Usage can Cause Brain Damage

Illegal drug consumption has been increasing these days. Marijuana is one of the commonly used illegal drugs. Problems with memory and learning; loss of coordination; difficulty in thinking and problem solving; and increased heart rate are some of the short-term side effects of marijuana abuse. Continued use of marijuana may have serious effects on brain, […]

The Necessity of meditation in human life

Meditation is required for good mental and physical health. It controls anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. This was proved scientifically. It is a good tool that can be used to overcome emotional problems in daily life. It enhances your awareness. This results in wisdom. There are no limitations or restrictions for meditation. It gives you […]

Meditation – Key in Mental Fitness

Meditation is a concentration power of doing action work. It is a main instrument to achieve the mental fitness. Today everybody became very busy with hectic work schedules and other important meetings. So, more concentration power is required by today’s man time to time. It is possible by adopting the skill of meditation. The skill […]

Causes For Reactive Attachment Disorder

At this time many reactive attachment disorder cases are registered in US. Even increasing the number of childhood mental health problems are being attributed to genetic defects, reactive attachment disorder is by definition based on a problematic history of care and social relationships. Abuse can take place alongside the required factors, but on its own […]