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Important Factors To Consider For Successful Jewelry Business

Successful jewelry retailers will know what their customers desires to purchase and take appropriate steps to gather valid information regarding shopper preferences. Few factors for successful jewelry business are: Make use of marketing research tools. Stores must make decisions depending on trend reports, sales performance figures, competitive investigation, market demand predictions, and focus groups. A […]

Risk Factors Involved in Jewelry Market

Jewelry business is a tough and competitive one. There are many risk factors jewelers might be experiencing. Few of them are: Weak Economic Conditions: There is a relationship between economic regularity and jewelry demand. When the economic growth slows, jewelry demand declines. Extensive economic factors are declining in the U.S. market. Moreover, American shoppers are […]

Know About Factors Considered When Purchasing Jewelry

According to a study conducted by JCK Magazine, nearly 67 percent of total jewelry is a planned purchase, while 33 percent is a spontaneity purchase. For planned purchase of jewelry, consumers indicate “price” as the most vital factor which determines which type of jewelry they are likely to buy. After “price,” the following factors are […]

Tips To Select Perfect Earrings

The Basket earrings are finely imprinted stainless steel on sterling silver hooks. This design is an understanding of an African basket using many layers of weaving and polli was born from their strong interests in sustainable design, craft culture and fashion. All earrings use genuine silver or gold filled findings to make certain they are […]

How to Buy Pearl Necklace

All over the world every women wants to look beautiful. Jewelry is one of the main parts for look beautiful for any kind of women and for this pearl play a very important role for making any kind of jewelry like pearl necklace etc. Now I am going to explain about the pearls and pearl […]