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All About Trends in Stock Market

A market trend is a hypothetical tendency of a financial market to move in a specific direction over the time. These trends are divided as secondary trends for short time frames and primary trends for medium time and secular trends for long time frames. Market trends are identified by traders by using technical analysis. Technical […]

Where To Invest In Recession Period

Recession brings the big corporate companies and well-established banks to the road. It totally changes the economic and investment scenario of a country. Those who invested their money in market without any care suffered a lot. But those investors who were wise enough to investment made the profit from the period of recession. During recession […]

Cash Flow: Important Aspect Of Business Revenue

Cash flow is an income through sales or revenue from economic activity or any expenditure for the organization. In simpler terms cash flow is a kind of income or expenditure that affects the cash accounts. Cash flow concept is classified in to two main categories: Cash inflow – It is also known as inward cash […]

My Children’s Business Venture

I have two children Marla and Rebecca, one completed her 12 years and another crossed 10 years. They decided to start a new business venture recently on their own. I had nothing to do with this, I swear. The idea is to sell patches cut out of old jeans and then design with butterflies, flowers, […]