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Wholesale Glow sticks to Light Up Your Golf Court

Many things comes in to play when it comes to organizing a golf tournament at nights. Because there are lot many things which require illumination so that they are visible to the players as well as the spectators. First thing is, unlike small courts which are used to play basket ball and frisbee, the golf […]

Bulk Glow Sticks are of Great Help During Long Vacations

Apart from many uses of the regular glow sticks, taking them along with us for a long vacation is also an effective idea. Many situations may happen during the vacation which demands a need for reliable lighting source. In such situations glow sticks are of much help. They are light weight, easy to carry and […]

Benefits of Using Safety Glow Sticks

Safety glow sticks are quite similar to recreational glow sticks but the only difference is they both are used in two different fields. Safety sticks are much carefully designed using high quality designs and plastic as they are supposed to be much efficient and functional in all emergency situations. Unlike normal glow sticks these safety […]

Glow Swords – Excellent Party Favors for Kids

Kids love to enjoy with glow products. Glow sticks are the best novel items which can be safely used by kids. They contain chemical substances which are combined by the breakage of the inner glass vial. The chemicals are non-toxic and hence, you can allow kids to use glow sticks. They love to play with […]

Teaching With Glow Sticks

Glow sticks became so popular because of the attracting factor in them. Children of little ages are attracted most to brighter objects and new inventions. They love to play with different toys which has some lighting effects. So, glow sticks are a kind of recreation for them. You can conduct a lot of games using […]

Glow Sticks for Safety in Times of Emergency

Glow sticks are plastic translucent tubes which uses the phenomenon of chemiluminescence to glow. They are activated when the plastic tube is bent and the vial inside is broken. The combination of two chemicals present in it makes it glow. Besides using glow sticks for recreation and special arrangements there are some other reasons which […]