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Different Types of Water Purification Techniques

Water purification is the process of purifying water by removing contaminants or microbial residues present in the water and make it acceptable for use. There are different types of purification techniques such as: Boiling Boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius is the traditional method of killing microbes causing intestinal diseases. But it cannot remove chemical […]

Know How to Get a Good Deal for Selling Oil and Gas Royalties

Oil and gas royalties or mineral rights are sold by the owners for different reasons and the famous one among them is to obtain quick cash in an emergency situation. Moreover, many people don’t want to give these assets as inheritance to their children as they fear that they can’t handle all these things and […]

Glow Sticks for Safety in Times of Emergency

Glow sticks are plastic translucent tubes which uses the phenomenon of chemiluminescence to glow. They are activated when the plastic tube is bent and the vial inside is broken. The combination of two chemicals present in it makes it glow. Besides using glow sticks for recreation and special arrangements there are some other reasons which […]

Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

Energy recovery ventilators provide ventilation minimizing energy loss at your home. In winter, they reduce the costs of heating the ventilated air by transferring heat from the warm inside air to fresh supply air. In the same way in summer, the cool air inside the room transfers the coolness to warmer supply air to minimize […]

Air Pollution and its Effects

At the moment all countries in the world are facing the air pollution problem. Because of the pollution and artificial substances that effect the human health. Most artificial impurities are injected into the atmosphere at or near the Earth’s surface. The lower atmosphere (troposphere) cleanses itself of some of these pollutants in a few hours […]