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Know About THC Drug Testing

THC is the main and powerful ingredient in marijuana drug. The abbreviation of THC is Tetrahydrocannibinol. THC can cause the pleasurable sensations. THC causes many negative effects on drug user. THC rapidly passes through from the lungs into bloodstream, by which chemicals are carried to brain and different organs in the body, after smoking marijuana. […]

Marijuana Drug Test Detection Time

Marijuana is a type of commonly abused drug in United States. Drug test can detect whether a person has used drug or not. There are different detection times for different drugs and for different use. Generally, detection time depends on the type of sensitivity of the test employed, the frequency, dosage, last time of use, […]

Comparison between Saliva, Urine, Hair Drug Testing Methods

There are different types of methods which are used for detecting the presence of the drug in the body. Each and every drug test has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us see the differences between the urine, hair and saliva drug test. Sample: The major difference is the sample or the specimen which is […]