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Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is a common dental problem that can occur to anyone without any warning. It is the worst pain that you will ever experience. Mild to sharp shooting pain can be the first sign of a toothache. If not treated in its early stage, it can even lead to the need of extracting the tooth. […]

Get to Know an Electric Toothbrush

What is an electric toothbrush? An electric toothbrush is a truthbrush works based on working of a small electric motor as opposed to a manually operated toothbrush. An eldctric toothbrush is also known as power toothbrush. How an electric toothbrush works? It works according 3D cleaning action. Electric toothbrushes gives like automatic bristle motions like […]

All You Need to Know about Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth is a common dental problem affecting a large number of people. Sensitive teeth can be described as pain or discomfort felt when taking hot or cold food/drinks. There are many factors that contribute to tooth/teeth sensitivity. In this article, we will discuss the causes, treatment and prevention of sensitive teeth. The enamel is […]

Some Valuable Tips to Enhance Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

Oral Dental Care is vital for everybody and dentists say that most important part of teeth care starts at home. A proper brushing of teeth and flossing along with regular dental check up may keep you away from cavities, tooth decays and gum diseases. Brushing of teeth twice a day and flossing at least once […]