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All about Mouth Guards

Mouth guard, an appliance made of plastic worn in any athletic activity for protecting teeth from injury and trauma. Usually, mouth guards cover the upper teeth, but in some cases like if you are wearing braces or other dental appliance, your dentist will make a mouth guard for your lower jaw as well. In this […]

Dental Flossing and Benefits

Dental flossing is used to clean the space between the teeth where brush cannot remove plaque. Flossing should be done regularly to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Types of floss: Nylon floss: Floss is made of multi strands of nylon. These are available in waxed or unwaxed nylon floss. These are expensive. They may […]

Care after Dental Implant Surgery

As with every surgical process, Dental implant surgery also require following care after surgery in order to ensure its success. This article contains information on how to take care after dental implant surgery. Care after Dental Implant Surgery Following care should be taken in order to get the best results of dental implants: 1) Diet […]

Dental Care for Elderly People

Taking care of health is important for elderly people. Dental hygiene is equally important for them. Getting old does not mean that you should not care for your teeth and gums. Regular dental care helps in keeping your teeth healthy and strong and even for life. In this article, we will discuss the common dental […]

Know How To Keep Away Bad Breathe?

Bad breathe or halitosis is an odor coming from mouth due to improper cleaning of mouth, the health problems such as diabetes, sinus infections, lungs diseases, gum diseases and also eating food items like garlic, onion etc,. This gives the person discomfort while communicating with others and drastically troubles you. So make sure that you […]