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Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency in Children

Malnutrition is the chief cause for vitamin deficiency in children. If proper care is not taken in maintaining healthy diet, it may lead to multiple deficiencies. The deficiency may be acute or chronic. Therefore, proper and healthy diet is very important to keep the child fit. Following are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in children. […]

Treatment For Animal Bite Infections

Treatment for animal bite infection is depends on the wound type, its site, and risk factors for infection. All wounds from animal bites are cleaned and sterile as thoroughly as possible. The doctor begins by injecting a local anesthetic in order to examine the wound thoroughly without causing additional pain to the child. Next step […]

Benefits of Running for American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is operating since 1913 with a mission to fight against cancer and help the patients of cancer. The ACS is famous for conducting athletic events like Charity Runner. It is designed to help both the athletes as well as the organization to some extent. Running for a ACS is a dream […]

Infant Cancer at a Glimpse

The age of peak incidence of cancer in children occurs during the first year of life, in infants. The average annual incidence in the United States, 1975-1995, was 233 per million infants. Several estimates of incidence exist. According to SEER, in the United States: Neuroblastoma comprised 28% of infant cancer cases and was the most […]