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Enhance your Beauty with Aromatherapy

There are so many methods in practice to enhance our beauty with a vast range of products. It is always advisable to all types of skins to use herbal and natural products. One of such practices which uses natural and essential oils obtained from different plant parts in the field of beautification is Aromatherapy. It […]

Know Your Perfume Before You Buy it

The word perfume is Latin word which means through smoke. First Perfume making began in ancient Egypt after it was improved by Romans and the Arabs. The modern perfume was made in 1370 in Hungary it was known as Hungary water, by blending scented oils in an alcoholic solution. From the 16th century Italy was […]

Is Cosmetic Surgery Good For Teens

At This time in United States, the cosmetic surgery is very popular. Not only adults but also teens also show the interest on cosmetic surgery. Such as teen girls went for breast enlargement, nose surgeries and the most popular procedures are breast reduction among boys, rhinoplasty and ear pinning. But this will cause many diseases […]