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Know About Barcode Labels for Circuit Boards

Barcode technology is being used in various fields among which one is electronics. Automated assembly, processing, test, and packaging systems provide great benefits for electronic equipment manufacturers. Barcodes can be used for tracking inventory, measuring productivity, and also for implementing engineering changes on WIP (Work in Progress). A barcode label printed by a Zebra printer […]

How are Barcodes Applicable in Schools?

Barcodes are applicable in various industries. They are also applicable in schools. Mostly the application of barcodes in schools is found to be in libraries. Apart from libraries, barcodes can be used for many other areas. Time saving, increased accuracy, and reduction in loss of books and assets are some of the benefits of using […]

Pen type Barcode Scanner and Its Applications

Barcode labels are read by different types of barcode scanners. Different types of barcode scanners exist such as pen-type, fixed position scanners, and stationary scanners. Let us now know about pen-type barcode scanner. The simplest and least expensive barcode scanner is a pen-type barcode scanner. It is also known as wand barcode scanner. The design […]

Know Some Basic Factors for Choosing Barcode Symbology

A barcode can be termed as a code that consists of a series of vertical bars of variable width. These are scanned by a reader which is called a barcode screener. The code is printed by the barcode printer. The code is attached on consumer product packages. This is done for identification of an item […]

Know About Custom Barcode Label

Businesses may need the custom barcode labels for different purposes. There are some products, which require their own barcodes to be printed. Some times small stores and distribution centers may need the custom barcode labels. Most of the industries from retail to government offices are using barcodes, so they need barcode printers in order to […]

Importance of CT Scanners in Dental Practices

Day by day, technology is being improved in almost every industry. Advanced technology is also being used in dental practices increasing the standards of care. Technology provides better treatment by improving the patient comfort. CT scan is the one of them. This is also called as “CAT scan”, which means computed tomography. This is a […]