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Brain Wave Machine and Its Uses

Brain wave machine A brain wave machine is an electrical machine used for calculating the amount of electrical activity in the brain when millions of neurons communicate with each other and send signals simultaneously. The electrical activity caused in the brain is called brain wave pattern and the waves created are brain waves. A brain […]

Types of Medical Equipments

Medical equipments are devices that are used in hospitals and medical laboratories to diagnosis, monitor and to treat medical conditions. Medical equipments are also called “armamentarium”. Medical equipments are classified into 3 types which are based on their usage. They are diagnostic medical equipments, medical monitors and laboratory equipments. Diagnostic medical equipment: Diagnostic medical equipments […]

Car Audio Accessories – Uses and Effects

Audio accessories used in car will give refreshment and a pleasant feeling for the passengers. The accessories that are required for a car are listed below. It will help you while purchasing. Some of the accessories are: Car stereo receivers Speakers to get the sound from the audio player Sub-woofers can be used if required […]

The Working of a Disc Brake

The disc brake uses the mechanism of transforming kinetic energy into heat energy through friction. There are two kinds of disc brakes, floating and fixed-caliper brakes. The floating brake has one or two pistons, but both on the same side of the rotor disc. When hydraulic pressure is applied to the piston in the cylinder, […]

The Four Wheel Drive (4 WD)

The basic idea behind powering all the four wheels is to increase traction. In two-wheel powered vehicles, all the torque has to come from the two wheels. In conditions like snow, and less torque situations, vehicle with a two wheel drive are more prone to get stuck. Thus, a four wheel drive is a good […]

Important features and usefulness of a Minivan

A minivan is either a one-box or a two-box vehicle primarily meant to move passengers more in number than normal cars or to accommodate more cargo space. For this, they are taller than most other cars. In technical classification terms they are called as multi-utility vehicles. Minivans Minivans are versatile and best for family – […]