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Manhattan- Where Business Meets Pleasure

If you think you have done enough of picturesque landscapes and serene countryside for vacations and try some happening city for your next holiday destination, it is time to include Manhattan in your itinerary. Located in the international business capital New York City, Manhattan is way more than head quarters, offices and business trips. So, […]

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

With the advancement in the technology in various fields, dentistry also came up with cosmetic procedures from color correction and replacement of missing teeth etc. There are various types of treatments in between. So, to learn what are all the types available in the cosmetic dentistry, continue reading the article. Teeth whitening Cosmetic dentistry for […]

Treatment for Prognathism

Prognathism is a genetic jaw disorder. It is the dentofacial abnormalities due to the protrusion of either of the upper or lower jaw or misalignment of teeth. Prognathism are classified into two types – overbite prognathism and upper bite prognathism. The treatment for these may vary depending on the type of prognathism. Treatment for under […]

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