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Manhattan- Where Business Meets Pleasure

If you think you have done enough of picturesque landscapes and serene countryside for vacations and try some happening city for your next holiday destination, it is time to include Manhattan in your itinerary. Located in the international business capital New York City, Manhattan is way more than head quarters, offices and business trips. So, come and explore this place virtually to concrete your plan.

When to Visit

Manhattan is an evergreen tourist destination. No matter which month it is according to the calendar, it never loses its charm. With hustles-bustles all round the year, you will never find a dull moment here. It is like a year-long carnival. Spring will mesmerize you with its beautiful blooms and cherry blossoms. Summer looks like festival with everyone always outdoor indulged in some kind of activities. Fall is ever beautiful with vibrant colors. Central Park looks breathtakingly beautiful in this season. If you think subzero temperature keeps people indoor, come to Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan which boasts of 78 ft high Christmas tree. It is erected in the last week of November, lit by the Mayor of the city and stays on display till the first week of January. It is visited by approximately 125 million people every year. The same frenzy can be witnessed for Time Square Ball Drop when millions of people gather at One Time Square since morning to witness the ball drop from a 141 ft flagpole in its roof. The ball takes exactly one minute to descend and starting at 23.59.00 hours, it touches the ground with the strike of clock at 00.00.00 hours.

What to Do and What to See

If you want to get a feel of Manhattan which has been home to the American legends, visit Upper East Side neighborhood. This is the place where the Roosevelts, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys and the Whitneys have lived for generations. Apart from that, there are major tourist attractions like Fifth Avenue, Jewish Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Neue Gallerie etc. If you want to feel the history of America that it had been during the British rule, come to lower Manhattan. Century old buildings are standing proudly telling the tales of yesteryears. There are many guided tours that will take you through these buildings. Another important part of Manhattan is the Upper West Side neighborhood. It has Central Park Zoo, Great Lawn and American Museum of Natural History. Celebrate brunch point Good Enough to Eat and Sarabeth’s are located here. And some really great fine dine restaurants as well are located here.

Why Manhattan

Is any more explanation still needed to come to this amazing holiday destination? With so many tourist hotspots to touch and share a walk with most important people of the country, Manhattan can never go wrong. You are not getting to compromise with the urban facilities that you are used to. In the middle of night, if you are troubled with tooth ache, you don’t need to drive for hours to get nearest center to get medical attention. In Manhattan, you will never be far from the nearest dental clinic. What more can you ask for when you plan a happening vacation to a happening place like Manhattan.

Updated: December 13, 2017 — 6:31 am
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