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Money Saving Ways to Maintain One’s Own Car

Any car have to be maintained properly for making it to last longer and being efficient. Manufacturers do their best in extending the life of both the vehicle and its parts by recommending a scheduled maintenance. Few money saving ideas for well maintenance of your vehicle is mentioned below:

Things which can be fixed up on your own
Air filter: Changing of the air filters can be done by opening the glove box and removing the side tabs.

  • Replace the filter and reinstall the glove box thoroughly.
  • Procedure differs for different cars hence by knowing and following few steps, air filters can be changed and kept in use.
  • One can make potential saving up to 35-50% by installing air filter on their own.

fuel pump problems Oil: Oil and filter can be changed in less than 30 minutes by oneself by saving up to 45-50% of money.

Fuel filter: One can change their own car fuel filter by following certain specific procedure for one’s own vehicle.

    • Before going for changing the fuel filter do not forget to relieve the pressure of the line and should be careful while working with fluids.
    • Savings up to 80% can be made by changing your own fuel filter.

Spark plugs: Changing your own spark plugs are easy and accessible almost in all cars except with few.

  • Research on the spark plug maintenance for specific type of car and go changing it on your own.
  • Never delay in getting them changed as materials buildup over it makes it difficult to remove.
  • By taking the right tools and allow the engine to cool before removing the plugs out.
  • While reinstalling the spark plugs check for the specifications on your vehicle which helps in saving time along with potential savings of about 51-77%.

Coolant: This is one difficult task and depends entirely on the type of coolant used and the amount required.

  • Check out for the necessary procedures for each different vehicle and remember that the system will be hot while it is under pressure.
  • Up to 50% of the money can be saved by changing one’s own car coolant.

A note of caution: Never go fixing up things oneself when you can not
Trying to repair a particular problem beyond one’s capabilities usually ends costing more than taking the vehicle to a repair shop for repairing it. If you are not sure regarding the problem or do not have the proper tools you can make things go badly making it expensive to fix them.

By looking at the above information one can easily implement few tips for maintaining their car for efficient running and to last longer by saving certain amount of money in their expenses.

Updated: February 7, 2018 — 4:31 am
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