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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

With the advancement in the technology in various fields, dentistry also came up with cosmetic procedures from color correction and replacement of missing teeth etc. There are various types of treatments in between. So, to learn what are all the types available in the cosmetic dentistry, continue reading the article.

Teeth whitening
Cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening is the recommended procedure, as it helps in enhancing the color of the teeth that are stained through smoking, drinking tea, coffee etc. by bleaching. Bleaching enhances your teeth color and makes your smile bright. This treatment is either performed in the dental office or else at the home. But, bleaching will not be suitable for all types of teeth and requires some other procedures for improving the appearance of the teeth.

This treatment is made from porcelain or composite materials, which is a cosmetic way used for indirect teeth fillings that are damaged with tooth decay or caused due to any structural damage. Usually, dental fillings are done at the dental office, whereas the inlays/outlays are made in the laboratory, before they are fitted and bonded in your teeth by the dentist.

Dental veneers and implants
To repair or correct the chips or cracks in the teeth, dental veneers are used which will improve the appearance of the teeth and also serves the teeth discoloration. Dental veneers is another recommended procedure for the gaps in the teeth or if the teeth whitening procedure is not effective on your teeth. Because, dental implant is for the replacement of the artificial teeth for compensating the lost teeth. Overall, it enhances your teeth appearance and smile.

Smile makeover
This cosmetic procedure is used for improving the overall appearance of the teeth. This involves one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures such as – dental implants, dental veneers etc. for all the various teeth in both the upper and lower arches of the mouth. This will give you the look you want for your teeth as well as its effect in appearance of your smile.

Full mouth reconstruction
While you are taking a treatment for smile makeover, sometimes there comes a necessity of correcting some portions of the mouth such as – muscles, teeth and bone structure etc. Here comes the need of full mouth construction with the materials available today. This will provide you with durable and functional treatments that makes your look natural.

These are few cosmetic dentistry procedures that make your smile look great. So, if you have any problems with teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures will help you a lot as compared to normal procedures.

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