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Benefits of Using Printed Circuit Boards

Today, electronic devices and gadgets use PCBs. These are advantageous, which makes them most prominent in the domain of electronics. Today, the electronics industry can’t do without PCB.
There are certain features that make PCBs important for a circuit design. Some important features are discussed below.

Provides mechanical support and working environment friendly
Compared to the primitive point – point contact, the soldering of components on a PCB gives them better durability to shocks and jerks. The absence of wires offers less chance getting disconnection of components due to mechanical stresses. The wires are replaced by etched conductors on a pate made of an insulating substrate.

In addition to offering resistance to mechanical stresses, PCBs are suitable for various kinds of working environment: with high heat, chemical environment, etc. PCBs can be coated with suitable materials to make them resistant to heat and chemical.

Easy troubleshooting
With the circuit design known and components properly and firmly soldered and connected through etched tracks, the probability of faults is less. Even if faults occur by chance, it’s easy to identify fault and replace the faulty component to iron out the fault.

Miniaturization of circuits and value addition
With the development of advanced manufacturing and designing techniques, PCBs can be designed with much complexity accommodating more and more components in less amount of space. This is the main reason that the sizes of our television sets, radio sets, mobile phones and many other gadgets are getting smaller. Software designing of circuits has made it possible to design complex circuits.

The reduction in size allows for the accommodation of extra features in the same space by incorporating the needed circuitry in the space saved. This is the reason why the gadgets are becoming smaller and more sophisticated with more features.

Cost minimization
With PCBs gettomg smaller, a lot of substrate material can be saved. In addition, the need for long wires for connecting the components is eliminated due to short copper tracks on the substrates. Mass production of PCBs can result in several like PCB within a short span of time. All these factors are responsible for the electronics getting cheaper and cheaper over the days making it viable to everyone.

Enhanced performance characteristics
Today, PCBs experience fewer faults than their previous counterparts due to their better component organization and designing attributes. Conductor etchings mainly of copper are used as conductive links between the components. This ensures minimum conductor size to be used for the purpose and thus leads to minimum heat loss in the wires. Additionally, data transfer speeds are well enhanced by using PCB technology for circuit boards.

Updated: September 3, 2014 — 12:51 am
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